Gallery: Lea Michele Finds, Wears, The Dress Version Of Herself

Last night for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Lea Michele selected an outfit that might just be the very essence of her personality distilled into clothing form: short, shiny, sheer, loud, and prone to bursting into song at random. How did Lea Michele find such a dress and how did it aid her in her journey towards self-actualization? I’m not sure I have all the answers, but let’s take a look.

(Via The Daily Mail)

Photos: Pacific Coast News (outdoors), WENN (screen caps)

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    • Pants

      She irks me fiercely.

      And that dress is so short, she very well could have left a snail trail on that chair.

    • Joe

      Just sit back and enjoy she is immensely entertaining. So what if she is showy and hyper.
      People love to find fault with others it is so sad.

    • Seth

      I feel bad for people who only look for thing to dislike. I love her she just cracks me up on and off screen.
      And I have no problem with her short dresses she has great legs.