Chris Brown’s New Neck Tattoo: A Woman’s Battered Face?

I think we can all agree that anything Chris Brown does at this point is pretty much the worst.

But this may take the cake: the R&B singer showed off a new neck tattoo earlier this month featuring a battered woman’s face. Yes, it may be just a (permanent!) drawing, but doesn’t that face look a little familiar? Like the face of the woman that he beat up back in 2009? Like Rihanna’s face?

Chris is denying the tattoo is modeled on Rihanna, but it’s almost impossible not to see the similarity in the arched brows, full lips and the, you know, black eye that he gave her. Even if it’s not an allusion to Rihanna, why tattoo any battered woman’s face on your neck?

Look, tons of people get bad tattoos (including Rihanna), it’s just hard to grasp why Chris Brown–a person famous primarily for beating a woman–thought this was acceptable.

This seems like a remarkably low way of drawing attention to oneself. Even for Chris Brown.

Photo from WENN 

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    • Fabel

      Okay, I saw headlines around the internetz here & there like “Is Chris Brown’s neck tattoo Rihanna??” but I figured it was just a generic female face that entertainment media REALLY wanted to be Rihanna. I didn’t actually see the picture until now. And WTF. WTF.

    • Irene

      I’m getting a Dennis Rodman vibe..

    • kjon

      Wow. Gross.

    • M.C.

      It looks like a Dia de los Muertos face to me. Half painted, half unpainted. I’m no Chris Brown fan, but please do some research before writing idiotic articles. Last time I checked battered women didn’t magically have curlicues and flower motifs appearing on their skin.

    • Britt

      he is awful. but i have to admit, i was more distracted at his horrendous facial hair then the neck tat. i mean that’s horrible, but come on- if ya can’t grow a beard, don’t.

    • Elizabeth

      I super hate Chris Brown, but doesn’t that look like one of these things?:

      But I kinda super hate you guys for making me sound like I’m on Chris Brown’s side in anything. And it’s still a terrible tattoo.

      I reject Chris Brown’s comeback! Liz out. *Mic drop*

      • jo

        Honestly, I don’t think it looks like a sugar skull at all.

    • Mariana

      That is a sugar skull.

    • Michael

      Unbelievable. Not sure which is more pathetic. Him, or the media giving him airtime.

    • Tukijan

      GREAT hair !

    • 3000

      I’m not one for speculations, myself… so I’m just going to leave you with some facts: that is about the ugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a few). I’m pretty sure my dog could draw something more tattooable by dragging its shitty ass across the living room floor. Thank you and goodnight.