Surprising Products “For Women” As Ridiculous As Bic Cristal Pens

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Who doesn’t love pink?

Full confession: I still have a childhood throw pillow that reads “pink is more than a color, it’s an attitude.” I kept this pillow in part because, as a teenager, I thought that its slang associations were hilarious. As a kid, I just liked the color pink. Probably, to this day, if people offered me pens in a variety of colors, I’d likely choose the pink one. I feel like that color and I have just been friends for a long time.

So why is this Bic for Her ad, in which a woman selects a pink pen, so offensive?

I mean, for every reason. For the implication that women have been previously unable to write.

Jamie already tackled some of the responses, so you can look at them and laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

However, there is a history of branding normal objects pink – you can see a great post on the topic on Collector’s Weekly – and I’m certainly not offended by the color pink. But I am offended when companies marketing products seem to believe that you have a smaller range of interests than men, or should pay more for identical products. To that end lets look at some of the most ridiculous ones that are “for you.”

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    • Melissa

      Women’s razor blades are more expensive for a legitimate reason. The blades are treated with products to prevent rust because women store their razors in the shower while men do not.

      • Amy

        Bah! I never use my razors in the shower. And plenty of men I know shave in the shower – they even make those razor holders that stick to the shower wall with a little mirror for guys.

    • Cee

      My basketball shorts cost more than men’s shorts. They are shorter and thinner in fabric. I actually think people can see my underwear through the holes or maybe I’m a bit paranoid about it. Anyways, now I wear extra extra small guy shorts.

    • Ella

      You know what I hate about razors though? Men’s razor’s are designed for a close shave, but women’s razors are all about moisturizing strips and minimising cuts. I bought an expensive razor recently that was so constructed so careful and so safely that was like shaving my legs with a spatula. It’s the equivalent of those chunky plastic scissors they give little children for paper crafts.

      • Ella

        Sorry, I meant “that was constructed so carefully.” It’s 2:00am here and I got my degree off the back of a cereal box.

      • Cee

        Oh my dog, yeees! I use Intuition razor (I have very sensitive skin) and I feel like I might as well be rubbing a cheap unscented soap on my legs! I want it to remove hair not leave me with lots of lather and stubbly legs!

      • Amy

        Yep, women’s razors are a crock. I just use the cheap men’s ones. I’ve shave a larger surface area of my body than a man does and I can do it blind-folded. I don’t need to be ‘protected’ from my own shaving ability.

    • Lex

      Okay, I get the deodorant thing, but I’m still going to get “lady deodorant”, because I’d rather have vanilla scents wafting out from my underarms. If it’s gonna be stanky all up in there, at least it can be like I’m hiding cupcakes inside my sweater.

    • Erynn

      Actual lol at “witness the chickness”

      I can think of like, a handful of people who would be really into these products, but most of them are gay men… I think I can think of only one, maybe two, females in my life who would get really excited about pink crap that’s smaller and more expensive.

    • Cori

      I gave up ladies razors years ago when in a pinch I used my husbands. Huge difference and I’ve been shaving since I was 11, it’s pretty easy to avoid cutting myself these days. Paying attention is all it takes. We shave much more surface area than men do and usually start younger, we’re the pros when it comes to this.

    • lucygoosey74

      I see I’m not alone in my opinion about lady’s razors. I still buy them so my husband dosen’t realize that I’m actually stealing his. I could just get my own, but how sneaky fun would that be?
      I’ve been really annoyed by a deoderant ad campaign lately, don’t remember if it’s Secret or Dove or whatever, but the slogan is “unappologetically strong”. Who the fuck has ever appologized because their deoderant is strong? Really?
      For some reason this just makes me cringe every time I see it.