Vintage Mugshots Of Celebrities: Modern Day Famous People Imagined As Criminals In The 1920s

We all enjoy a good celebrity mugshot. Though David Bowie‘s is almost certainly the best (with hot young Frank Sinatra and Keith Richards‘ awesome hair right behind), we have a soft spot for modern classics like Paris Hilton‘s sly smirk. Anyway, there’s an excellent new Tumblr called Mugshot Doppelganger and the premise is celebrity mugshots smashed together with real vintage mushots from the 1920s. Since we love all kinds of doppelgangers and we really, really love vintage mugshots, we were sold. Here’s a few of our favorites.

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    • samwise

      lohan looks goooooood!!! nolte looks like a lady hahah

    • Cara

      Charlie Sheen looks a lot like Dennis Quaid there.

    • Raerae

      This is AMAZING. Thank you Chatel, thank you.

      • kit


    • Ellen W.

      How does Amanda Byneslook so much like Snooki?