Amy Poehler Already Ditched Her Wedding Band, But Is It Too Soon?

As Jennifer covered the other day, we’re all pretty upset about the fact that Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are breaking up. It makes one question love and marriage and eternity — is it all lie?


We may not know for exactly how long the two have been on the outs, but all of this sadness came to our attention just a few days ago. Last week was like any other week, then BAM! The rug of love was snatched out from underneath us, and by Thursday we all knew the news. We grieved, we questioned our own existence and we realized that sometimes even the most seemingly perfect couples, aren’t so perfect after all.


Although it’s only been a six days since the sadness went public, Poehler has already been spotted out there in the world sans her wedding band. Not only that, but she’s smiling. The woman isn’t at home crying her eyes out, because we’re apparently doing all the crying for her.

So the question needs to be asked: is it ever too soon to ditch your wedding band after a split? Is there some sort of pact you sign up for when you get married that agrees you’ll wear the ring for a certain amount of time afterward should the marriage not last? And what about those couples where one has removed their ring, while the other is still wearing theirs? Can we say awkward?

But if it’s over and there is no looking back, then maybe it never is too soon to remove that wedding band. Maybe it’s all about letting go and moving on as fast possible. Maybe. I just hope Arnett isn’t spotted with his still on, because then we all might cry even harder.



Photo: Sharky / Splash News

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    • Sara

      Amy Poehler has not worn her wedding ring in years – ever since she first gained her baby weight. Will Arnett stopped wearing his ring in July.

      • Gabby

        Thank you! Seriously so many media outlets are reporting this sudden change in her not wearing her ring, but if they so much as looked at any photo from mid 2008-present, they’d see she hasn’t worn it! People need to check their facts before they report 4 year old news as BREAKING.

    • alexandra

      I’m more upset that she’s wearing those shoes.