Britney Spears Is Definitely Having A Comeback

Well, FINALLY. Britney Spears has been a big hot mess for years now, and all of her comeback attempts have sort of fallen on their face. But now, it looks like she’s finally found her niche — she’s a bitchy judge on “X Factor”!

However, she seems a little heavily medicated on this interview with “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” What do you think:

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    • K

      I think…

      …she doesn’t seem like she has a damn clue where the hell she is or what the hell she is doing.

      …her hair has looked terrible ever since she shaved it off – seriously, Britney freaking Spears can’t get a decent weave?

      …everybody is trying to make it seem like she’s having a comeback, but its really just sad, sad, sad.

      I was a 90′s kid who loved Britney all the way through til her breakdown. But she just hasn’t been the same since, and I really hope for her sake that one day she is able to reclaim some semblance of herself.

    • mm

      I watched the X Factor just to watch Britney, she was hilarious. Honestly, she made the whole show. This interview, though…not so much. I’ll always love her, I hope this helps her.

    • Jen

      I’m sorry. I’m trying to come up with a relevant comment about Britney but I just don’t have one. I’m glad she’s not having psychotic breaks anymore, I guess?

      What I really came here to say is that Simon Cowell is SO GROSS to me. I would cross the street to avoid that dude. Serious heebie jeebies, here.