• Thu, Sep 13 2012

Explaining Jennifer Lawrence’s Bird-Like Ensembles In W Magazine

Jennifer Lawrence was photographer by Tim Walker in a variety of bird-like ensembles for W magazine. We think we get it — you know the whole mockingjay thing? — but let’s see if we can get closer to the bottom of it by pulling quotes from her interview.

Photos by Tim Walker via W

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  • Jon

    i like her but she’s a little too “healthy” to be doing a “fashion” shoot

    • Netochka

      You’re part of the cancer that’s eating away at hollywood.

    • BL

      Me thinks that was a joke.

    • Maggie

      Oh wow, another comment from Jon degrading a woman. What a surprise.

  • Lizzie

    The thing that I like about her is that she actually seems “there” when you look at her eyes in photos. Lots of celebrities will kind of glaze over and act like posing mannequins, but she has more of an intelligent spark.

  • Jenniwren

    Oh I do love Tim Walker’s work! And she looks great here.