Emma Roberts Is Being Really Annoying About This Whole Kate Middleton Topless Thing

kate middleton emma roberts

You know, a lot of us have kind of started just shaking our heads and laughing casually about topless pictures showing up, which is probably a relief for anyone who has nightmares about ex-boyfriends posting their private photos online. We seem to have embraced the fact that, under their clothes, everyone is naked right now. And sometimes things happen, like paparazzi taking pictures of you when you’re sunbathing in a remote house while on vacation in France (where topless sunbathing is pretty common). You know, like what just happened to Kate Middleton. When that happens, most of us just either shrug or say “wow, paparazzi are really invasive.” Not actress Emma Roberts! She tweets:


Honestly, I think in this day and age we realize that being a royal does not magically transform you into a paragon of virtue. But then, truth be told, it never did. Paparazzi just didn’t have such good cameras in the 16th century.

This is obviously an unfortunate event for the Royal family – especially following so close on Harry’s nude heels (and other body parts) – but it really doesn’t seem like Kate was running through the streets throwing her exposed breasts around for Mardi Gras beads. There actually is an expectation that you can go topless outside two separate rooms.

Suffice to say, I LOVE Emma Robert, but I think she shouldn’t be judgmental about paparazzi shots except in tree-houses and the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disneyland. Those two places. I’m off to run naked through the streets now.

Pictures via Sweeney Management and About.com

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    • Renee

      Where does anyone get off judging someone else for what they choose to do with their body? It is not anyone one else’s business but theirs!

    • Claire

      Seriously. The girl was on vacation at a remote, PRIVATE house (owned by their cousin or something) with her HUSBAND!!! Of course she should be able to go topless without people hiding in the bushes and taking pictures!

      • Ella

        Sure, but if you let married couples remove items of clothing in the privacy of their own home, you never know what it might lead to. Sooner or later they’ll start sharing the same bedroom, then the same bed. Before you know it they’ll be holding hands and stuff.

      • Jenniwren

        I agree, this is pretty much the opposite of scandalous.

    • Sugar

      Oh yeah Emma? Well she’s a Duchess, so you can suck it.

    • Tobi

      Well, guess what?


      • Sugar

        you shut your damn mouth!

    • Haley

      She isn’t even a princess.

    • Sarah

      Yeah. If I had those abs, I don’t think I’d ever put on a shirt. Also, YOU CAN SEE WILLIAM’S NIPPLES TOO.

    • Shevonne

      Judgmental people suck

    • ha

      Once I hung out with Emma Roberts and she was really nice, albeit slightly judgmental about other people. But it was funny because they were famous and I enjoyed hearing about them.

    • Anna G

      a) She’s a Duchess, not a Princess. Do your research Emma Roberts.
      b) I actually kinda agree. If I knew that there was even the slightest possibility that my bare naked breasts would be photographed and put on the internet/in the tabloids for all and sundry to see I wouldn’t bother. I’d rather have tan-lines than my boobs on the world wide web.

    • Ally

      Yeah whatever Emma Roberts. You WISH your tits looked that good just being tits.

    • Kj

      Hey Emma, don’t you have a career to attend to or something?!

      Oh wait…….. no you don’t.

    • Mimi

      This whole thing about Kate Middleton is so stupid. So she went topless. Big freaking deal. If Angelina Jolie showed up topless in the tabloids, people wouldn’t think twice about it.

      I realize that she was on a private vacation, but she’s royalty now. Royalty should know better: there is ALWAYS going to be paparazzi on your ass now, in every corner and crevice. And they’ll look for moments like this and Kate should have known better. She is, what, the #1 celebrity right now? She should REALIZE that being topless outside will probably result in something like this. Being relentlessly stalked and photographed by the paps comes with being royal.

      In the end, it was intrusive, but she should have known better and she’s the one at fault. I have zero sympathy for the lovely duchess.

    • Sheila

      She’s as flat as a pancake. What’s all the fuss about. Oh I forgot! Illuminati taking control again.

    • Monica

      I do think Kate Middleton is Pregnant according to this website, I heard she was not drinking wine and that rumors are she is around 5 -6 weeks now.

    • Maggie

      Ugh I wish Emma Roberts would disappear forever, she’s so irrelevant and unlikeable. Who cares about nipples, seriously. Especially Europeans who aren’t as uptight about nudity, and especially when you are on a private vacation and have to live 99% of your life being judged by everyone in the entire world/harassed by the media. PLUS, as someone pointed out the Angelina Jolie example, you can see her topless in that Gia movie and nobody cares at all so why cant people let kate middleton live her life, like she gives two fucks what julia roberts trashy niece who can barely find works thinks.

      • martesa

        I agree with you! I can’t stand Emma Roberts. She comes across like her farts smell like roses. I’ve heard/read some interviews/quotes, and she’s about as deep as the puddle on my front sidewalk after the sun’s been out for 3 hours. She seems to fancy herself a fashionista when her hair is stringy, her eyebrows are too thick and dark, and she doesn’t have any figure — clothes just hang off of her. The only reason I can see for her acting is nepotism. Normally, I wouldn’t say such horrible things, especially about a young woman (I may think ‘em, but not say ‘em), as I don’t think we should be so critical of young women (or women in general), especially focusing on her looks like I just did. However, her apparent attitude is really what makes her appear unattractive — there’s self-confidence, and then there’s acting like your God’s gift to the world, and she comes across that way. This quote of hers supports my opinion. Little Ms. Judgmental commenting as though her (stupid) opinion is fact. Dutchess Catherine has assumed her role with such grace, confidence, modesty and poise. She is appropriately attired for every occasion, she smiles at every (seemingly neverending) event, seems to laugh easily and genuinely with people she is meeting for the first time, gets down in the dirt to play and plant with children. She is frugal (which you would THINK would be a plus!), yet gets criticized for it (wearing both designer and chain store clothing, and the same few pairs of shoes), yet she’s true to herself and doesn’t give into to the criticism nor even comment. She went on vacation with the intention of FINALLY relaxing with her husband, a couple by most standards would still be considered newlyweds and SHOULD be taking romantic trips together. She was in France where topless beaches are acceptable, and yet she was in a private area, feeling safe. Unfortunately, the French paparazzi just can’t do enough damage to this family apparently. It wasn’t enough they chased Diana, now they are stalking her daughter-in-law, trying to embarrass her, too. Since these photos broke, Dutchess Catherine has continued to handle herself with grace and poise. Well, as an” actress,” Emma, too, should have no right to privacy. She has chosen life in the limelight (Kate Middleton married the man she loved, which meant public duties, and she accepted them — she didn’t set out to be “noticed”), so I’d love to see the paparazzi hound her constantly, maybe catch her in a changing room or something (since apparently, that is not a place to have one’s clothes off), maybe catch her on a romantic weekend. Unfortunately she’s just not interesting enough to be subjected to that kind of scrutiny — no one would really care about seeing her topless. For Pete’s sake, the Dutchess was with her HUSBAND on vacation! Lighten up, you little twit!

    • Amy

      Maybe she intended to get caught on camera?
      You know, be more a lady of the people…
      “Duchessess have nipples!!! They’re just like us!”