Gallery: Carey Mulligan Pulls Off The Drag King Look In AnOther Magazine


As it turns out, the irrationally hated Carey Mulligan is a surprisingly versatile model. First she channeled Southern belle Daisy Buchanan in the as-yet unreleased new film version of The Great Gatsby, and then she sexed it up in W. And now, for her latest trick, she’s using her pixie cut to pull off the drag king look in the annoyingly capitalized AnOther Magazine. Can a woman in men’s clothing even be considered a drag king anymore? Whatever, let’s just say it’s an “androgynous” look. Check out the amazing photos.

(Via FashionCopious)

Photos: Craig McDean

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    • Samantha Escobar

      As much as I don’t exactly love Carey Mulligan, I kind of like her a lot more because of this.