See Kate Middleton Giggling As She Is Greeted By Bare-Chested Women On Solomon Islands

This is probably my favorite picture to come up out of the entire “Kate Middleton Doesn’t Wear A Top Sometimes” scandal.

kate middleton topless woman

I feel like Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) is the kind of person it would be really nice to know. Partly because I like her hats, but also, because she seems like she really appreciates the irony, here. The picture was taken while Prince William And Kate Middleton were vacation in the Solomon Islands. While they were being given garlands from the locals, Kate’s lawyers were working to block the further spread of images of Kate topless. There’s also some thought that the photographer, Valerie Suau, who took the topless photos will be jailed. So, I guess this is working out badly for everyone. The paparazzi, the royal family, Silvio Berlusconi (who owned the magazine that published the pictures), just everyone. Except people who sell Kate Middleton masks. This is working out pretty well for them, honestly.

Obviously, it was a horrible breach of the Duchess’s privacy, but this all seems like it’s gotten a bit out of hand.

Hopefully, the situation reminded Kate – and all of us – that having breasts is not that big a deal. And it is, in fact, something we can all giggle over even if the situation seems ridiculous.

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    • scallywag

      What’s been interesting in the latest debacle with respect to the posted images is the royal’s insistence that they have been violated and stalked. Which on some level may be true but what the royal house is failing to acknowledge or refusing to publicly acknowledge is that the institution of the monarchy has become less and less meaningful and has become a kind of nonsensical charade based on feudal sensibilities which insult most people’s intelligence given the great social injustices at play.

      The royals were bound to be reduced to the status of Lindsay Lohan meets Charlie Sheen in a crack wet dream gone wrong….and the public is loving it….

    • Renee

      Why is this even a scandal? If it was a photo of her husband topless it wouldn’t matter. Breasts are for feeding babies…they are not scandalous.