Video: Lana Del Rey And H+M Try Their Best To Ruin David Lynch For Us

Here is a secret fact you would never have guessed about me: I love David Lynch. Particularly his bizaro masterpieces Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet, respectively. So as you can imagine, I was super duper thrilled when my favorite adult contemporary singer did her own take on David Lynch for an H+M commercial.

Just kidding, I find it appalling. In H+M’s (I have to write it like that because the Internet hates ampersands) latest “collaboration” with singer-cum-spokesmodel Lana Del Rey, Lana sings “Blue Velvet” while all sorts of faux-Lynchian weirdness goes on around her. There’s the red room, the Black Lodge, a bunch of girls who look like Lana (she’s multiplying!) and even a creepy midget. It’s just like a David Lynch film, if David Lynch films featured H+M clothes and were terrible.

Then again, the uneasy feelings I feel watching my least favorite trollgaze artist inhabit my most favorite imagery are probably something Lynch would appreciate. And what Maura Johnston once called Lana’s “melted cover girl looks” are not actually a bad fit for Lynch’s vision of wholesome Americana gone slightly (or very) wrong. So maybe it does Lynch justice, after all. That said, he’d better be getting some goddamn royalties.

(Via Refinery 29)

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    • Sam

      So you don’t feel any need to hide your “hater” credentials, do you? Wow! What an unapologetically nasty piece. This is not a personal blog, should you be allowed to write a piece about her if you have such illogical hate for her. As I wrote in another websites, there is an amazing sociological phenomenon at play here with Lana, without fail, plain (read ugly), unremarkable (read losers) female bloggers writing the nastiest pieces about her, I guess to vent their jealous rage at someone who seems to have everything they don’t, beauty, talent and money.

      • Jen

        I find it sad how many women think they sound like they have the upper hand by calling other women ugly.

      • Fabel

        So because this isn’t a “personal blog”, the writers aren’t allowed to inject their personal opinion in any of the peices? (Also, come on, did you read the last paragraph? The whole article isn’t just shitting on Lana, if that’s what you’re worried about)

      • Sam

        Thanks for your insightful clarification, but the last paragraph also says “my least favorite trollgaze artist”. If that’s not an unnecessary, hater comment, not sure what is. What I said is true, you may not like it, but that’s your choice.

      • Antonia

        Lana is thanking her father for teaching her everything he knows…in this song….she is talking having sex with older dudes and thanking her dad. I like Lana but some of her songs are a little disturbing. Maybe her dad was into her…grosss

        ” I pledge allegiance to my dad
        For teaching me everything he knows”

    • Marissa

      Hmm. Lana Del Rey has been channeling David Lynch long before this commercial.

      Quote from LDR: “Have you ever seen Fire Walk With Me and the scenes where Laura Palmer is in the bar with the lumberjacks, sort of dancing and getting crazy? Well, it’s that frightening sensation of being out of control that really sticks in my mind.”

      Her SNL “fiasco” performance is actually pretty similar to the awkward Laura Palmer dancing in Twin Peaks, and her videos are Lynchian as well.

      Even though I once agreed that her style could be accurately described as a school teacher from the 1970s, I really like Lana Del Rey. I think she’s become the undeserved punching bag of the indie music blogosphere.


      You are at it again, Jamie. I mean, what do you find so distasteful about gorgeous, sexy, rich, talented, loved by millions Lana Del Rey? Oh wait…

    • Clio

      Homage or blatant rip-off…

    • Suzie

      This article stinks of jealousy. You can tell who are the professionals and who are the amateurs by the simple fact that you cant write a negative article without throwing middle school insults.

    • Oris

      Huge Lynch fan. Lana’s pretty rad. They’ll probably collaborate soon, and I think her voice would sound great over his distorted guitars and rhythm.

      Why so much hate, Jamie? Being a Lynchian, you should appreciate when someone else even knows who the fuck you’re talking about! A ‘tribute’ or recognition (opposite of parody) is a really neat thing.

      Ders open your heart! :D

    • Ronson

      How pathetic is this? I hate this new pop sell out approach by pretending to be so artsy and brainy to get the whole new hipster generation attention.
      Back in the days at least Britney Spears and her Mickey Mouse club pals didn’t pretend to be something else than what they really were – puppets in the hands of rich music daddies.

    • no use for a name

      crazy cheap-sellout freak.
      her wannabe darkish & mysterious-serious duckface is annoying me whenever i take a walk into the city!

      dear internet, please help me!

    • Antonia

      The really gross part is not that her pussy tastes like pepsi cola but the ending of the song….
      ” I pledge allegiance to my dad
      For teaching me everything he knows”

      That is in the minimum disturbing since is a song abouyt having sex with older man and she says thanks to her dad for teaching her everything he knows?? For real her pussy tatsing like cola is the last disturbing part of this song

    • Antonia

      by the way “cola”means “ass – but” in some spanish s[poken countries

    • Jon

      Surprised you can be a huge Lynch fan and hate this video. The visuals and the sound are wonderful, and very fitting for a Lynch tribute. Bet he would love this! Sounds like your hate for Lana is a little too powerful.

    • james

      fantastic cover i prefer the original but this cover sounded very cool to me.

      i just dont understand so much hate about LDR, but i think that girls hate her because she is prettier and sexier than 99.9% of the world population so girls feel a little bit threatened about her.
      what i just said is science so is a little bit hard to say “she is ugly” because everybody will know that youre saying this because youre green of jealous of her look.
      even from the one who write this article i could see jealous in his/her words

      about her song “COLA” she thanks her father because he teach her music and introduce her to old artists like nancy sinatra and david lynch, i really dont know where you take the idea that the song was about her father rapping her…

    • Ari Squared

      Lynch has said he likes Lana.