What Your Hairstyle Says About You

hair says about you

I’ve been staring at Marnie’s hair in this Girls trailer, and I decided it was time to stop doing that and make some assumptions about you. Ready? Here we go!

Pic via PersephoneMagazine

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    • mm

      I realize this isn’t serious but it’s dead on. I’m the left side part….but I also once tried to perfect that messy bun. It only worked once I discovered the magic of hair straighteners, lost weight, and got really popular my last year of high school. First of all, people are assholes for liking me once I lost weight. Second, once I was popular and perfected the messy bun people started asking me how to do it. It’s weird that this messy bun thing exists for other people, never would have guessed.

    • francesca

      I’m a left side parter. And I love pre crazy Howard Hughes.
      And the messy bun is my nemesis.

    • versionqueen

      I understand this is supposed to be jokey, but I’m surprised that your “dreadlocks” do is so anti-clean and groomed. People with natural kinks tend to have an easy time keeping clean and groomed with locks. Made me sad especially in light of the Rashida Jones and Denzel Washington stories, which are so positive.

      • Jenny

        I didn’t get “dirty” from the dreadlocks description she gave. I got “easy” (as in manageable, not slutty).

        The long bath is a reference to how long it takes to do a double/deep conditioning, thus you have to hang out in the tub, not a reference to not bathing.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Everything Jenny said.

    • Dan

      I can say something about hairstyles is that it shows if the woman takes care of herself, what’s her occupation in life, is she a risk-taker or a risk-averse, moreover a woman changes her hairstyle often when she doesn’t have any changes happening in her life… http://www.katagogi.com/mid18603746

    • Shina

      As an afro’d girl, I can confidently say that my cool points tripled after I stopped straightening my hair. Too bad my love of show tunes negates them…