“If You Wear Makeup To The Gym, I Assume You Wear Clown Makeup To Work”

Here is a thing that bothers me a lot: guys who say that women (be they specific or be they women AT LARGE) wear too much make-up.

I just saw this tweet on my timeline:

Nope! Nope, I won’t allow it. I get it as a joke, whatever, even though it is not a GREAT one. As Rylee pointed out, it’s like saying that if I see you with gel-spiked hair at the gym, I can assume you wear a wig to work. Ha, ha. Whatever!

I get why people say that other people shouldn’t wear make-up to the gym, because it IS a little counter intuitive to dress up in tight, stretchy clothes and make-up just before sweating and breathing heavily a lot. (Though: isn’t this what people do before sex? Huh.) It’ll get ruined and come off anyway! These people, I think, believe they are making a practical (and even benevolent) suggestion. Nobody should feel as though they have to wear make-up to the gym, sure, but it isn’t doing anyone any favors to act as though adult humans can’t make that decision for themselves.

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    • Nancy

      Totally agree! Loved this

    • hope

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    • Anne

      Yesss!! “I’m shaking my mascara wand at you! Fuck off!” I am printing and framing that one. Haha

    • Erynn

      Because as we all know, going to the gym should be about pleasing other people who are there. :P

      I don’t intentionally put on makeup for the gym but I never take it off if I’m already wearing it, just to work out. Sweating with eyeliner on doesn’t bother me…if it bothers guys, maybe they should spend a little more time focusing on their workout than mine…

      • Colleen

        I agree with your second paragraph wholeheartedly. When I go to the gym (on the rare occasion that I get off my lazy ass), I go right after work and if I want to get the elliptical machine right in front of the TV that plays Family Guy right after work, I have to book it there, change as fast as I can, and get on it. Who the fuck takes time to take off their makeup?

      • Amy

        @Colleen: ogmigawd me too! Except for me it’s Law & Order SVU.

        I’m not going to risk running on the treadmill that faces the wall just to take off my mascara.

    • Fabel


    • Lo

      I wear clown makeup to the gym. Does that count? I don’t have a membership.

      • lucygoosey74

        Thank you Lo, I needed this!

    • ellemck1

      I mean, if I’m going to the gym first, I won’t be wearing makeup, I’ll put it on after I clean up. But if I’m going after work (which is normally when I workout, because doing it before would require me to wake up way too early) I’m gonna leave what I have on my face already in place. And really, if you don’t like it, that’s your problem. Maybe you’ll be so distracted you fly off the treadmill?