Kim Kardashian Purchases Suspiciously Choupette-Like Kitten For Branding Purposes

According to various pictures posted on Twitter, Kim Kardashian has purchased a female teacup Persian kitten, whom she is currently manhandling all over town. She named her Mercy after the lead single off Kanye West‘s new album, because if there’s anything she learned from her own mother, it’s that children both human and animal are a ginormous branding opportunity not to be missed.

Judging from Mercy’s fluffy white appearance and the number of glamor shots Kim has already taken of her, it seems like she’s trying to bite some of Choupette Lagerfeld‘s style, and who could blame her? That cat has climbed to the top of the fashion world faster than Kim could ever hope to do. But all cat models are not created equal, and that inimitable spark of French haughtiness is simply missing from Mercy’s eyes. (If anything, she looks a bit simple.) And not to body snark a cat, but she also seems to lack the refined shape and poise that make for an exceptional feline model. I mean, Choupette would never deign to allow herself to be photographed looking like this:

That said, lack of the proper “look” or talent has never stopped a Kardashian before, so I suspect it’s only a matter of time before Mercy is given cheek implants and collagen injections in preparation for her very own reality show.

(Via Fashionista)

Photos: @KimKardashian

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    • Lillie

      I feel so ridiculous commenting on a post about Kim Kardashian’s cat, of all things – like an “Oh God, I spent all that money on school and now look at me” type of ridiculous. While I actually think this post was pretty funny and obviously meant to be light, I can’t help but get frustrated by this site’s continual insistence on following, and most of all, hating and judging all things Kardashian. If you’re going to dislike people for meaningless celebrity, great! But doesn’t that consist of at least half of Hollywood? And for God’s sake, models? I feel like the juxtaposition of model worship, lauding praise on skinny prepubescent white girl after skinny prepubescent white girl, with this site’s fierce hatred of the Kardashians, is a head scratcher. At worst, it just seems a little racist and size-ist. If Kim was born, like… 5 inches taller, with a different body shape, and maybe somewhat lighter skin, she clearly could be one of those girls in magazines you’re always posting in slideshows with captions like “X looks fierce in __,” “X could pull off anything!” etc etc. How does being born with certain body type and face make somebody “talented” while using the resources you were given in another way make you evil and souless? It just disappoints me as a site written by modern, educated young women like myself. I’ll nod along to an “omg the Kardashians are so ridiculous and superficial” comment as much as the next person, but I won’t worship a tall pretty white girl who walks a runway in the next breath. And for God’s sake, the incessant posts are just getting overbearing. If anything, she’s an opportunist. Who cares? It’s all superficial, it’s all stupid, it’s Hollywood. Kudos to a 30 something year old woman for making a living in Hollywood and not going completely fucking insane or picking up an eating disorder. I guess at the heart of my very, very rare rant is that I’ve learned, if someone is a bit darker and a bit curvier than the typical pretty white girl in school, they will automatically be considered trashier, sluttier, and less than, based on the same dress or behavior as others. I don’t care about Kim Kardashian. But for once, somebody who looks a little bit more like me is being celebrated as a pretty, talentless celebrity. True, she’s annoying and I don’t give a damn about her personally, but this type of thing happens all the time to bubble-headed women and girls with different bodies, skin color, and faces. It makes me wonder what all the hate is about.

      • Jamie Peck

        I don’t hate Kim Kardashian, I just like to make fun of her when she does silly things. I certainly don’t hate her for how she looks. (I have even been told I look like her, lol.) I think the fashion world and the reality star world are equally vacuous, in their own special ways. Read my other posts and you will see.

    • Lillie

      Also that was tots written on my iPhone, excuse mistakes.

    • west

      1) they used murder as fame springboard 2)they use child labor) debit card scam4)scam marriage4) porn movie 5) bastard children6)foul mouth7) compare scam marriage to cancer etc… You’re dumber than a doornail. You sure you went to college?

    • Nancy

      That breed of cat is so adorable, I must have one!

    • anya

      its going to be pretty embarrassing when her and kanye break up and she gets rid of the cat. i also dont get why a cat needs portrait photos like parents get of their babies

    • Rebecca