Lady Gaga Smoked Weed Onstage: How Do You Feel?

So, Lady Gaga lit up a joint at a recent concert in Amsterdam, thereby promoting weed, which is fine by us but we are wondering how you feel.

See, weed, is legit in Amsterdam (as we all know), but maybe some of you feel as though Lady Gaga is a role model and shouldn’t be promoting drug use? Or maybe that her fans are too young to know the difference between OK times to smoke weed and not such OK times to smoke weed (like…I don’t know…during school or something).

Personally, I feel OK about it. She is hardly the first musician to get high onstage. But do weigh in in the comments.

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    • Renee

      What is the difference between this and taking a swig of beer? Honestly, all that anti-drug stuff they fed us was half bullshit. Weed isn’t addictive, a gateway drug, or any worse than alcohol. It has many wonderful medical uses. And if we legalized it, taxed it, and stopped wasting government funds with criminalizing it, we would be a lot better off as a country.

    • Cate

      I don’t have a problem with the weed-smoking in and of itself, I just have a problem with Lady Gaga smoking weed onstage. I’m really not worried about her fans getting the wrong idea, I’m sure most of them smoke weed already, but it does seem to me that this is just another cry for attention.

      Basically, I suspect she’s just shouting, ‘LOOK AT ME I DO DRUGS LIKE A COOL KID! OBSERVE MY EDGINESS!’ without actually being at all edgy.

    • Samantha Escobar

      I sort of am a fan of it, as weird as it sounds. While I totally agree with Cate about the pseudo edginess of it, I also think that the more normalized pot is, the more likely it is that we’ll finally effing legalize it and stop wasting so much money on putting people in jail for it.

    • lucygoosey74

      Oh really, big fucking deal. Gaga is becoming a worse attention whore than Madonna.

    • kjon

      She did that in Rotterdam during the monster ball tour, too. Girlfriend loves her Dutchies.

    • kayleerenee

      These comments truly show how most Americans feel about legalizing marijuana, too bad the people who are supposed to be representing us and speaking for us in the government ignore us and let their own opinions trump those of society. Light one up for me too Gaga!

    • Oof

      People have been doing this for decades. Is it suddenly supposed to be interesting and edgy because of a mega commercial middle of the road singer ?