Mitt Romney Gets A Spray Tan To Seem Warmer

Mitt Romney shows off his spray tan at a Miami fundraiser.

Last night, Mitt Romney appeared at a fundraiser in Miami, Florida, emerging for the first time since making those astoundingly classist comments about half of the nation. Normally, we’d expect him to pay a little lip service to all those Americans he degraded but, well, we have no clue what he said because we’re really, really busy being distracted by his skin color. They set the spray tan gun to Lohan!

Look, here he is standing next to someone with recognizably human-colored skin:

Mitt Romney shows off his spray tan at a Miami fundraiser.

See how the man on the left looks like a person? And Mitt Romney looks like Tang?

Mitt Romney shows off his spray tan at a Miami fundraiser.

Not Tang!

Anyway, in light of the Mother Jones leak, we can’t help but wonder if the tan is a political strategy (ie, a weirdly literal attempt to add warmth to his robotic visage). But this is politics, so we leave it up to you…

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(All photos via Wenn)

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    • Jamie Peck

      He wants to be Mexican so badly!

      • Kristina

        I agree with Jamie. I think this disturbing orange display is an effort to make the Latin@ voters think he’s “one of them”. So, you know, just basically more gigantic racism from the right. Identifying with a culture obviously involves more nuanced ideas than Mitt-Bot2012 can handle.

    • obama 2012

      pretty gross to see his last-ditch patronizing attempt to be “one of the hispanics”. why doesn’t he just start ending his sentences with “amigo” and pat himself on the back?

    • mike

      He better have his liver checked .

    • MR

      He’s done. I think the legitimate Tang question is: Where did he come up with the 47%?

    • NoRmoney!

      This is just beyond hilarious. It’s like pull out some popcorn because the next 47 days are going to be like this.

      Seriously, this is not how he is going to get the Latino. And he might just piss off the whiteys with a stunt like this.

      What a freaking moron (Mormon).

    • sam

      Mitt the twit.

    • Lo

      He does look warmer…

    • Lu Johnson

      OompaLoompa doodle ee doo,
      I’ve got another puzzle for you,
      When you spray your tan on like me,
      People will think that you are crazyyy….

      What a crummy job.

    • Amanda

      Oh, tans… the traditional sign of a working class. This seems to say more, ‘look, I’m just like you… I spend time outside doing things with my own two hands’ than just a (failed) ploy at looking like a warmer guy. Honestly, it’s revolting… physically and ideologically.

    • Bobby Decker

      Nips crazy like a Fox { News } turns out people from Ohio love colored people !………….orange { Bonner } ones !

    • Bobby Decker