Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley Declines To Reveal Her Weight On Good Morning America

Robyn Lawley is a very, very beautiful model who happens to be 6’2” (!) and plus-size. Seriously, look at that screencap up there, she is outrageously beautiful. Anyway, Lawley’s career’s been blowing up–a few major covers, lingerie campaigns, landing the watershed gig of first plus-size Ralph Lauren model. Although Lawley’s breaking boundaries left and right, unfortunately, we still have a ways to go: Good Morning America invited Lawley on the show–ostensibly to celebrate what her success represents–but, not thirty seconds in, asks: ”Do you mind telling me how much you weigh?”

Lawley’s response is incredibly diplomatic, “Well, I’m a size twelve, and I think weight doesn’t really matter.”

While on the subject of weight and body image, the interviewer displays even more impressive obliviousness, saying, “You did say that, for a while, you dabbled in eating disorders just to try and shed the pounds,” meaning Lawley’s start as a straight-size model. For the record, eating disorders, like cannibalism, aren’t something you “dabble” in. As New York points out, “‘dabble’ should be reserved for activities like learning a foreign language or signing up for pottery classes at your local Y.”

Lawley, again, keeps her cool, “I think, yeah, at that age [16], I was trying anything and everything. You know, when someone says, ‘I want to become a model,’ you just automatically think, Oh, I’ll have to be skinny, and I’ll have to lose weight, so no one was really worried about me at the time either. They just thought it was a way for me to become a model.”

Luckily, things got better for Lawley–she went to France, “fell in love with food all over again,” came back (to her native Australia) “a lot bigger” and approached a plus-size modeling agency. Things went up from there. Here’s the video.

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    • Courtney

      Ugh. I also hate the label “plus-sized” in general. It needs a new term. AND! A size 12 on a 6’2″ woman is like a 4/6 on a 5’5″ woman. Is that plus anything? Maybe plus -gorgeous?

      • Jane

        oooh, plus-gorgeous! i think you coined the new term right there.

      • Jen

        Vote #2 for plus-gorgeous!

    • Nay

      It looks like they’re trying make amends for this photoshopped disaster:

    • Malaina S.

      I’m a size 12… I’m in France right now, about to return to America.
      I, too, fell in love with this food, and will be returning heavier…

      Alright, Ralph Lauren, I’m ready to be your next model!!! ;)

    • Lee

      Since when is size 12 a plus size? I am a size 12 and I am in the middle of the acceptable BMI for my height. How on earth did this become PLUS SIZED?! She doesn’t look big she looks beautiful.

    • Cyn

      “Plus-size” is nothing more than the fashion industry’s attempt to capitalize on heavy people’s desire to be fashionable. There’s nothing heavy about these so-called “plus sized” models. They are abnormally taller than the average woman making their weight proportionate to their height. A friend of mine was a top “plus-sized” model for Lane Bryant & other designers for many years & she’s gorgeous, tall, toned & shapely (she’s the one in the red bra w/ curly hair seen here – so I was floored when she told me she was a plus-sized model. It all boils down to sex sells to make money & designers will never make the use of a real plus-sized women (size 16+ & of average height) sexy, common, or the standard on the runway… never. Pretty ridic how it never changes. Separatism at its best.

    • James Tollison

      She’s beautiful, and she looks REAL, not anorexic. Most guys would definitely want to spend time with her!