• Thu, Sep 20 2012

What Your Favorite Booze Says About You

favorite booze says about you

I mean, all of them say that you’ve known some trouble in your time.

(Fun fact: pretty much the only things I drink are champagne and bourbon. I didn’t include mixed cocktails in here because if I had to figure out what a Velvet Hammer said about you I’d be here all night and want to smash this computer in with an actual hammer).

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  • Sean

    What about strawberry zinfandel?

    (…asked Sean just before his comment was deleted…)

    • Jennifer Wright

      It would be the first comment I’ve ever deleted, but you’re testing me, Sean.

  • Sean

    I’m not proud of it, but if I had to choose just one as my preferred alcoholic beverage, it’s strawberry zinfandel.

    I don’t really drink much (never really developed a taste for booze), and it reminds me of a really happy time in undergrad…hanging out late at night, watching movies and talking with a dear friend of mine. She always had crates of the stuff.

    I figured if I could be honest anywhere, it’d be here.

    • Renee

      Oh,you can be honest, but we are judging you.

  • Janna

    You guuuuuys! Gin!

    • Jennifer Wright

      Ugh! I guess gin should really be “martinis?” They’re a mixed drink and I said that I wasn’t going to do cocktails. But really, a martini is just gin with the tiniest sprtiz of vermouth, so… apply all the attributes of a martini drinker.

    • Renee

      Gin is just flavored vodka, so I say mix the attributes of vodka and martini.

    • Janna

      That’s probably a good explanation. Vodka and martinis. Yep, sounds like me.

    • Cor

      I’m actually offended that anyone would refer to gin as “flavored vodka.” Maybe I love gin a little too much.

  • Renee

    So I’m a hearty, happy sort, with great cheek bones, a love of murder mysteries, and inner strength. I wish I lived in a country where I could bone hot guys with accents in the middle of the afternoon, preferably while wearing a hat (him or me).I like drinking alone with my pet, wearing a kimono, watching sports, and eating small things off of pointy sticks.

    Frighteningly accurate.

  • Fabel

    Oh my god. I do. I do close out of Facebook when people try to contact me on it. HOW DO YOU KNOW MY LIFE

  • Lauren9739

    I have had bourbon out of a teacup…. But it wasn’t my grandmothers. I just really needed to do the dishes.

  • Elizabeth

    I drink rye, gin, and champagne. I still recall the episode of Gossip Girl when the boy figured out the plot and said, ‘This elaborate ruse smells like gin and Chanel No. 5 … Grandma Cece!” From then on, my goal has been to become Grandma Cece when I am old.

    • Jennifer Wright

      When Grandma CeCe said “I don’t like my ice to get lonely, dear!” I thought, “well, I finally have a life motto, now.”

  • MR

    So does this mean I should like beer better than really good white wine? :)

    • MR

      PS. Nothing compliments a woman’s neck more than a lovely strand of white pearls.

    • Jennifer Wright

      It depends. Do you want to be hearty or understand the nature of female pain and ennui?

    • MR

      I am hearty. I understand women less than the understand me. :)

  • Kathryn H.

    Ugh, y’all got me just right with the scotch. Super accurate :)

  • Anne

    Oops. How about all of the above except bourbon? What does that say about me?? Well, apart from “you’re a fucking alcoholic” which would be a bit too obvious.

    • Jennifer Wright

      You’re fun!

    • Anne

      Next time I’m in NY, I’ll go drinking with all of you. And with the red wine, I’ll show off all the foreign accents I can do. Should be interesting.

  • Larissa

    What about tequila? That’s the only liquor I actually enjoy, I drink it with club soda or as a gimlet, not just hot mess shots. No tequila love, here?

  • valfreyja

    No Gin? Really?

  • http://www.facebook.com/megan.kennedy.395 Megan Kennedy

    What about cocktails? What if I like bourbon in White Russians and vodka in Greyhounds? If I have the good stuff I prefer to drink it on the rocks, however — maybe all this says about me is that I am poor.