Courtney Stodden Debuts Younger Look…What (If Anything) Did She Do To Her Face?

35-year-old performance artist Courtney Stodden has been looking noticeably different lately, prompting many to wonder what kind of necromancy she has performed on her features.

Some are speculating that she’s had plastic surgery (by which I mean additional plastic surgery), but looking at before and after photos side by side, I’m not sure that’s necessarily the case:

It seems to me that Courtney’s basic facial structure is in tact. However, she seems to have lightened her hair color, ditched the chola lip makeup for a glossy red, stopped drawing her eyebrows so dark and pointy, and gone for a less hard-edged, more feminine look with her eye makeup. She may also have laid off the bronzer a bit. It’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of hair and makeup.

Then again, her chin looks a little bit thinner, and this is Courtney Stodden we’re talking about, so it’s possible that she had something done.

Her mother Krista Keller issued the prerequisite denial to E! News:

“It’s ridiculous! She’s doing her makeup differently—that’s all it is! Courtney decided she wanted to change her makeup. She went for a lighter, more natural look, old Hollywood kind of look. All she did was lighten her hair, used a lighter shade of makeup and tanner, and not use as much eyeliner. She told me, ‘I want to do it differently’ and all of a sudden they say she’s had plastic surgery!

People always think a knife is touching her face, but she’s like a chameleon. She can change her look so easily. People just don’t get it.”

For once, I think she might be telling the truth. What do you think?

Photos: @CourtneyStodden, WENN

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    • Jennifer Wright

      I never thought I’d say this, but I think she looks great.

      • Jamie Peck

        I know, right? I mean, she’s still wearing a ton of makeup but she looks younger and and prettier now.

      • Maggie the Cat

        Agreed! She looked so “hard” before.

    • Samantha Escobar

      I think one of the biggest changes is the way she’s not pursing her lips and trying entirely too hard to do that “sexy starlet stare” that she always does (which usually looks like she just wants to eat people).

      I think she looks like she’s 18 and a person!

    • LCT

      I still maintain that she got injections in her upper lip.

      And possibly a veeeeery subtle nose job. Well done, if so. But that’s debatable.

    • Jessa

      I thought she was only eighteen or nineteen? She does look much better though

    • lucygoosey74

      I think the girl got herself some new teef too. You’ve got to look at the full body pics of her though, she’s wearing 10 inch hooker shoes. Seriously, go look. I was thinking that she looks so much better, then I saw the shoes, I mean they are like Lady Gaga high! Her weird husband (or child molester) seems to be holding her up in the photos so she dosen’t fall right off those heels.

    • Christa

      Are we sure the original actress didn’t get bored of the role and they’ve subbed in a different one a la Young and the Restless and changed the make up style to misdirect? I am all in favour of still believing this is an epic joke/fake persona being played on us all… :)

    • Alyssa

      Wait…in one of your articles you say she’s 18…and now she’s 35? Confused….

    • Sophie

      I think her nose looks different too, not so “done”. Maybe she’s had some fat injected into it to plump it up a bit, reverse that godawful nose job she’s obviously had before.
      Seriously though, she looks tons better :)

    • Maggie the Cat

      Her nose looks smaller along the bridge. COULD be due to lighter makeup giving less definition there, but it looks surgically changed to me. Whatever it was, it is an improvement.

    • Tania

      I am so glad she laid off that frosted lipstick and dark liner. And her eyes don’t look so completely drug-addled anymore. She does look nice.

      Now, if she switched to lip gloss and even less eye make-up, she might look like a normal, pretty 18 year old.

    • X

      Chola? There wasn’t a better word choice? I think this takes it to a place it doesn’t need to go. Her clown makeup doesn’t necessarily have that kind of an implication. The term has grown in its spectrum, no longer being just to specifically describe latina gang members, but is now also used as a derogatory term for Mexican women (and some Puerto Rican women) who simply dare to have their own style. I don’t think it is fair to even bring it into the discussion.

    • Kate

      Losing the dead-hooker lips was the most noticeable improvement. Another important change no one has mentioned: she’s exchanged her dopey-eyed duck face for a playful smile. That could account for perceived differences in her facial structure.

    • Amy

      There’s no ‘work’ here. All she’s done is ditch the harsh eye makeup in favour of some falsies and then added a bright lip (plus she’s smiling which is lovely).

      Good mascara and a bright lipstick people – it’s amazing what it can do.

    • Holly

      She looks slightly less dead behind the eyes,but I suppose that could be lighting. I probably wouldn’t have recognized her in the first picture.

    • Observer

      Her nose looks more normal, less pinched.

    • dietcokeho

      What are we living in? Stone Age? Its so obvious to anyone that she has had a non surgical lift of her face-but that includes injections of filler and botox-those two together make her look younger and pull her skin out. They can even create a nose job with fillers…which I suspect she did too looking at her before and after. She may have changed her makeup (she does look gorgeous now btw) but lets not kid ourselves here and play dumb dumb. The girl is getting every injection known to man and got veneers. Shes 18. thats not ok.