Here’s Naked Lena Dunham Eating Cake On A Toilet

Lena Dunham naked, eating cake on a toilet for the Emmy Awards

In the only interesting thing to happen during the 64th annual Primetime Emmy Awards so far (and perhaps the only one to come), Girls‘ Lena Dunham appeared in the opening sketch eating cake… naked… alone on a toilet in a bathroom stall. Is this an allusion to her warts and all portrayal on Girls, or is this something that Dunham just likes to do? We ask because we haven’t got a single one of these jokes so far.

Also, isn’t Girls supposed to be about our generation? Savory snacks in empty bath tubs is way better.

Oh, and we really like her haircut.

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    • Daniel

      she is so attractive I can’t take it.

    • Katy

      I love her.
      God, I love her.
      But why did she wear that miserable old curtain dress?

      • Cee

        I know! She should have walked the carpet like this! Just cake and her nice haircut.

    • Jamie Peck

      I’d have such a weird boner right now if I had a penis.

      • pete benson

        now that i would pay to see lol

    • ash

      I do not like this woman, this wasn’t funny, and her dress was terrible.
      *Kanye shrug

    • Eve

      OK, those pictures are weirdly adorable, and she looks very cute with that haircut– but cake on the toilet? NO. NO NO NO. The bathroom is where food comes out, not where food goes in.

    • Jamie Peck

      She was making fun of everyone making fun of her for eating a cupcake in the bathtub, FYI.

    • DR. Pepper MD

      Are all democrats this lazy?: They can’t eat and defecate separately, it takes to much time when they can do them both at the same time. I suspect they also vote and watch TV the same way, no reason to leave their voting booth.

      • Charlie Ammen

        Way to stay on focus.

    • uradumbass

      this is disgusting!! whatever is floating around in that bathroom is on that cake and eating it is gross not cute.

    • AZSchumi

      What an ugly little skank….

      • Charlie Ammen

        Says FakeName NoPicture.

    • 36Free

      Who is this dude?