• Sun, Sep 23 2012

Gallery: The Complete 2012 Emmy Awards Red Carpet

Look, the 64th annual Primetime Emmy Awards are happening right now. You don’t have to care because awards ceremonies are always boring (especially for the attendees). Instead, you can care about pretty pretty dresses, which we’ll have lots of in our red carpet gallery. Oh, and we’ll keep updating throughout the show. Hope you like yellow.

(Photos via Wenn)

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  • Cee

    Er…wow. Lena Dunham’s dress looks something similar to what my mom made me wear for a Chrismas party when I was 8.

    And, holy crap Ariel Winter and Kiernan Shipka are both growing up so fast! They’re starting to make me feel ancient.

  • April

    I want Maria’s dress so bad!!! I’m a sucker for that color, and its so gorgeous!!

  • Cee

    Emilia Clarke was my favorite!

  • porkchop

    Ashley Judd is terrifying.

  • katy

    Lena Dunham’s makeup & hair is flawless & she is so damn awesome, why does she look like miserable tablecloth?

    Things Julianne Moore’s dress reminds me of: Dick Tracey, April from the Ninja Turtles, my old school bus

  • katy

    But- gawh- here’s a first. Kelly Osbourne looks awesome!