Joseph Gordon-Levitt Did A Male Stripper Dance on SNL

So obviously the Emmys are happening tonight, but it’s very important that you don’t miss out on what happened on television last night too. Because what happened last night was that Joseph Gordon-Levitt stripped down and pulled a Magic Mike on “Saturday Night Live,” light-saber-as-dick and all.

Here’s the full video. YOU’RE WELCOME.

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    • Renee

      So it’s just me that looks at him and sees the girl/boy alien kid from 3rd Rock from the sun then, right?

    • Riley

      I wasn’t looking forward to seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but in the end he was a great host on SNL. I think my favorite skit was Undecided Voter. It made me laugh and it was clever. I wasn’t able to catch the show the other night since I was working late at Dish. I set my Hopper a while back to record the entire season to the two terabyte DVR automatically. I’m just glad that I won’t have to miss any of the shows! Hopefully Daniel Craig is good when he hosts!