Julianne Moore Doesn’t Care What Sarah Palin Thinks

Although we already nominated Tom Hanks‘ moustache as our favorite thing about last night’s excruciatingly boring Primetime Emmy Awards, we think Julianne Moore deserves a nod for most awesome acceptance speech. When the absurdly beautiful and talented Moore took the stage to accept her award for Outstanding Actress–for her portrayal of onetime GOP vice presidential hopeful turned talking head pariah Sarah Palin in the HBO movie Game Change–she opened by announcing:

“I feel so validated since Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down.”

Moore accompanied the statement with a giant shit-eating grin and a thumbs down. She later clarified backstage that Game Change “isn’t as much about Palin as the political process and in an election year, this was an examination of how we pick our leaders.” Palin apparently called the movie “false” and said she didn’t intend to see it.

Fox News referred to Moore’s move as “[using her] moment in the limelight to for [sic] personal political commentary.” First of all, there has got to be a viable “puppy face” emoticon. Second of all, we’re not entirely sure what personal political commentary is reflected in “the person I portrayed didn’t like my portrayal” but Moore sure looked great doing it.

(Fox News)

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    • MR

      Moore is always so good. Now get this knucklehead @ the WSJ (article below). He thinks Romney still has a shot. Not even the Tea-Party’s ground game can turn this one around. People vote during presidential elections. It is the only time when they are most certain to vote.


      • MR

        So much for my theory that the WSJ guy above was wrong. Rasmussen had it turning Romney even before the debate. Again Rasmussen is biased Republican, but I and others agree it is still accurate within 2%. I’m going to post you today’s WSJ article, but if it doesn’t work at least this email would have gone thru.

    • sodakhic

      Who would wear yellow to an awards show? Only a flaming liberal. Everyone involved in Game Change is a flaming liberal. That’s like the KKK doing a non biased Obama movie. Lies, lies, and more lies.