Gallery: The Worst Dressed At The Emmys 2012

The best dressed list at the Emmys 2012 was pretty slim pickings. Worst dressed at the Emmys, however, that’s a damn treasure trove. Here we go with ugly dresses from the likes of Ashley Judd, Julianne Hough, Lena Dunham, Elisabeth Moss and more.

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    • Fabel

      Is it weird I actually like Lena Dunham’s dress? Or, at least, think it suits her? Am I just being tricked by her awesome haircut?

      • Pants

        I liked it better than the ill-fitting vintage her character, Hannah, always wears. But I wanted it to be cut up above the knees.

        (Her hair, however– awesome!)

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I don’t think it’s weird–the dress is almost there. But I still think it swallows her.

        Her haircut is so awesome though.

    • Pants

      I disagree on Ginnifer Goodwin. I thought she looked awesome!

      Can’t believe you didn’t include Juliana Margulies’s couch-fabric dress. Gorgeous cut, but the fabric was straight out of the JoAnn Fabrics remnants bin.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I was eh about the dress–I actually thought the biggest problem with Marguilies’ look was her too severe hair.

    • Ani

      I like both Ginnifer Goodwin and Julianne Hough’s dresses. I hated Julianne’s hair, though. Sofia’s is predictable, but still pretty.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I know a number of people loved Goodwin’s, so I’m probably wrong, but I thought the texture was real bad.

        As for Hough, everything she does seems like pure cheese.