Retro Snap: Do You Recognize The Cast Of This Classic TV Show?

full house cast

Two members of the cast are conspicuously absent.

Those two members would be Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I assume they are off dancing on a tabletop somewhere wearing Balenciaga while the rest of the cast of Full House looks like they are models in a Chicos catalogue. Oddly, they don’t really seem to have aged all that much. Let’s start tossing around some theories about John Stamos being a vampire, because, hell, why not?

Pic via @candacecbure

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    • Sean

      I watched this show for years, but I have no clue who the guy on the left is.

      • Sariah

        Me too! Who is that???

      • Lindsay

        Steve-DJ’s boyfriend.

      • Jennifer Wright

        You guys are good mystery solvers.

    • Lauren

      I met John Stamos about a month ago. My god he is a beautiful man. And really nice. He took a picture with me. And he smelled good.