Gallery: Kate Upton Does The Empty Stomach Pose A Lot In Jalouse Magazine

For the October issue of Jalouse, its editors managed to stop engaging in corporal punishment long enough to put Kate Upton in their cover editorial. Between this and Carine Roitfeld, it seems the French have taken her up in defiance of the rest of the fashion world’s rejection of her non-skinny body and conventionally pretty face. Perhaps in an effort to show everyone she’s fit for editorial, Kate does a lot of stereotypical fashion poses in this one, specifically one generally referred to as “the empty stomach,” or sometimes “the broken doll,” depending on its execution. Are you convinced?

(Via FashionCopious)

Photos: Jalouse Magazine

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    • Samantha Escobar

      I never thought to call it the Empty Stomach Pose but oh my god that works.

      Mystery = probably the least believable character in all of reality television. I did worked on an actor who “won” one of his shows…uh, yeah, dude was clearly good looking and normal. Those shows were just absurdly staged (shocking, I know).

    • Bradley Barnett

      Kate Upton is simply the most sumptuous model in the world today! She can do it all and that is saying alot. I hope she doesn’t ‘sell’ herself to the lowest bidder. She deserves a great career!