Lady Gaga Posts Unretouched Underwear Photos To Fight Critics, Encourage Better Body Image

Lady Gaga poses in her underwear to show off her recent weight gain

Lady Gaga has recently come under fire for a weight gain of “about 20 lbs” which is preposterous for all the reasons. Moreover, this is a woman who has talked openly and candidly about her struggles with eating disorders in the past, so it’s especially disheartening to see photos of her beneath appalling headlines like “Looking meatier” (Daily Mail, obviously).

Anyway, Gaga decided to tackle her critics head on by posing in her underwear, unretouched and makeup-free. Look, people are welcome to be cynical about this (because it may be a publicity stunt, because it may be a publicity stunt for her father’s critically-reviled restaurant, because she’s still in great shape, etc) and you know that TheGloss editors love to roll our collective eyes at the idea that going without makeup is some indication of “bravery” but… we also think it’s genuinely cool and positive for a famous woman to pose unretouched on her own terms. This isn’t some magazine-selling vehicle (SANS FARDS!) with lots of sunset-y lighting and oversized alpaca sweaters with windswept hair on a beach; they are very honest photos of an extremely famous woman, who looks recognizably human.

Gaga also started a new Twitter, A Body Revolution, (as part of the Born This Way Foundation) where she’s been posting said photos and inviting fans to participate.

And all this would be great and cool and positive if Gaga hadn’t enlisted her pal Terry Richardson to take the photos. Can’t win ‘em all. Anyway, here’s some more:

Lady Gaga unretouched by Terry Richardson

And one more, from Richardson’s Tumblr:

Lady Gaga unretouched by Terry Richardson

Check out the new Twitter for more.

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    • Tania

      It’s kind of hilarious in a depressing way to see that being referred to as “meaty.”

    • Nadia

      wow she’s actually human, and pretty, too. it’s always nice to see untouched photos of celebrities.

    • Min bee

      She…she is sucking her tummy in there though… I mean, why suck it in if you’re trying to make a point? Why not make the point ‘Yeah? So fucking what if I’m carrying a couple extra bags of sugar?’ She’s in the incredible position of having a veritable army of followers hanging on her every word, what a great opportunity to make a public stand against the body-fascists, but… No, Imma just suck my tummy in, hold my arms awkwardly in front of my hips and do some stretching and shit, just to prove that, Y’know I’M STILL SKINNY!

      • Liza


        Every pose is structured to make her look thinner. Stand there, let your pooch hang out and stop doing weirdo fauxga back bends.

      • takocos

        Those are yoga poses done correctly, and she isn’t doing yoga in all the pics. Those happened to be the ones that this article selected. That’s a pose that a lot of people take to help them calm down, it’s a ‘finding your center’ pose. So as someone who has a lot of anxiety (see eating disorder) it makes perfect sense. She’s not “sucking in her tummy” she’s stretching her abdominal muscles as required for the pose. And it’s two photos out of a giant set. I don’t really understand this critique.

    • S.

      She’s gorgeous. Everyone should STFU.

      Especially since I bet a lot of her critics would be with her if they could.

    • L

      good for her. obviously those “fat” photos are totally fake–just look at her face. it’s a great way of her being able to say “go fuck yourself assholes!” kudos Gaga!

    • A

      I’d missed the original weight ‘controversy’ but looking at both articles, she looks much heavier in those Daily Mail pics than she does in the twitter photos. If she dropped a bunch of weight and then took the photos pretending to think she’s fat…that’s annoying on the level of Courtney Love refusing to broadcast her weight back in the 90′s (when no one was asking, I’m pretty sure)

    • Kj

      She’s totally sucking in her gut. And that lighting sure is helping. But anyways, whatevs.

      …and I actually like that one at the bottom! Can’t believe I actually like something Terry shot. Guess there’s a first time for everything.

    • scallywag

      Normally one would just sweep this under the carpet and let it all be, but this is Lady Gaga, the token celebrity who has chosen not only to let her music define her but also her physical image (and vice versa). For the longest time we’ve been watching the Queen of Pop deliver us nonchalance, kitsch, drama, hyperbole, drama, blood stains, role reversal and anything that she thinks that will shock us. Is it any surprise that this time she has legitimately shocked the media world not so much because of some costume she is wearing but what actually exists underneath the costume or to put it sweetly who really exists behind the veneer of antics and tricks and slabs of meat.

    • anya

      this is the thrid time i’ve left a comment that didn’t post :(

    • Ali

      Some people are criticizing Lady Gaga for her weight gain of 20 pounds. I think she looks better with the 20 pounds personally.

    • S.

      You guys, chill. She did something insanely bold here. And, were you in her position, you’d be sucking in your tummy too.

    • nicole

      beautiful, artistic, intelligent, mesmerizing woman. she is a beautiful force in the world

    • lucygoosey74

      Is it weird that the thing that got me the most about those photos was seeing her feet? After all these years seeing her in 10 inch lobster shoes, I don’t know what I expected..hooves maybe? Oh well, I think she looks great, and oh so human.

    • DrVajbanger

      Shame about the tattoos, how lame to disfigure your body like that. Everything else is fine.

    • Fan

      I don’t think most people ‘get’ Gaga. Pretty girl. Talented lady. To get attention she’s decided to put on the outfits, the wigs, and all the rest. But all stripped down to her undies without the makeup she’s still a pretty girl and a talented one at that. How many of the phony baloney Hollywood types would do this?

    • Nabilah Doherty

      She looks a lot younger without makeup-or clothes! I thought she was practically middle aged until I saw these pics. And no, I have no idea what her music sounds like, I just see her in magazines and headlines on yahoo.