Just Curious: How Does This Picture Make You Feel?

Apparently we ladies are supposed to be very turned on by the idea of brawny men and cupcakes appearing in our lives together, at the same time. That is why this business, called Man Candy and Cupcakes, has as its promotional photo four men holding baked goods over their junk.

As for me, I do not find anything seductive about cuteness and penises being comingled. I feel like penises should be a little more grown-up than that — like I wouldn’t want to see one with a Hello Kitty sticker on one for the same reason.

But maybe I’m alone; maybe this is a turn-on for some of you. How do you feel?

Photo via Buzzfeed

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    • HM

      1. These men are not pretty.
      2. What the hell is up with the two on the right? Have they had a stoke?
      3. Pubes in icing. Eeeew.
      4. Seriously, that guy on the far right. Those are some weird tan lines.

      • http://samanthaescobar.com Samantha Escobar


        Guh, it makes me gag just imagining…

    • Fabel

      No. No, no, no. First, they are not hairy enough to even be attractive to me. And second… food does not mix with sex.

    • BL

      From the get-go no to penises and cupcakes… just no. But secondly, to further subtract from any potential sex-appeal, with the exception of the gentlemen on the far right, none of them look happy! They look awkward, like they might be contemplating, “how did my life come to this…”

      Also, as an aside the one second in from the left has some bad cupcake aim. I spy a weiner! or possibly wenier accessories.

    • LS

      No frosting dicks… just no. And the balls peep show on contestant #2 (from the left) is just well…. unsavory.

    • Jess

      The one with the tats has a nice face, but muscles don’t really do it for me.

    • Reb

      It seems that the gentleman second from the left has something peeking out from under his cupcake…..or maybe it’s just me? :P

    • Kate

      Oh man, right after I plough through that gigantic cupcake, I’m totally going to want to get nakie and launch my bloated sugar belly all over that dick.

      Or not.

    • Nancy

      LOL it makes me happy and hungry. I hate disagreeing with everyone but YUMMMMMMM

    • Rom


    • http://www.facebook.com/aledobarbershop Jennifer Driskel

      I swear! I can’t believe that some woman can not appreciate something like this….get real! It is a great picture and I would encourage it all day long…..stop thinking about a “Penis” and start looking at the art of it! And by the way what the hell is wrong with a penis?? Does it gross you out? then you are not very comfortable with the male body!