Gallery: Victoria Beckham’s Ten Most Awkward Teen Modeling Photos

Everyone was awkward and cheesy in the ’90s, even perfect fashion sparkle person Victoria Beckham. We know this because of her mid-late ’90s body of work with The Spice Girls, but did you know that Victoria Beckham (née Adams) was alive in the early ’90s, as well? Retronaut recently unearthed a whole bunch of glamor shots from 1992, when she was but an 18-year-old aspiring model and dancer. Here are the ten best (i.e. funniest) ones.

(Via Styleite)

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    • kv

      This all just makes me want to create a tumblr called “Awkward 90s Modeling Photos, or American Apparel ad?”

      • Mars

        Oh. My. God. Please make that tumblr.

    • Holly

      “No 18 year old model should ever show evidence her breasts have an underside.” Really?? Why? Because everyone knows that all young women ar perfectly perky and firm, as evidenced by the photoshopped pictures in today’s magazines? I don’t even understand why this article was written. All I see is a young aspiring model doing her best according to the modeling and fashion trends of the day.

      • Macaboo

        I think that quote may have been sarcasm. And this article was written because it is FUNNY. Do you not see the humor in those clothes/facial expressions/sad glamour shots? Or are you still too sore from your bad experiences with scrunchies, blue eyeshadow and acid-washed jeans?