Give Up Your Boring Work-Out Routine And Try…Trapeze!

Sometimes exercising is just not fun…oh wait, it’s rarely fun.

Sick of jogging in a stale, sweaty gym trying to figure out just what the heck is happening on the Days Of Our Lives rerun playing on the old TV? Done with staring at the toned spandex butts in your face at yoga, while you try to “breathe through it”? Have you started imagining your Pilates instructor as an alien just to not be so bored? This sounds like a bad infomercial for a magical weight loss drug but really, exercising can actually be interesting and FUN! Like being in the circus fun!

How about burning calories while you fly in the air like an acrobat? PUMA‘s new Sweat Pretty video series hosted by Cara Castronuova is highlighting some new ways of exercising that will have you working out without you even knowing it. A bunch of studios around the US, like the Trapeze School of New York (which have facilities in Los Angeles as well), are taking working out to the next level by teaching clients how to jump from bar to bar while swinging in the air. The rush of adrenaline of being completely out of your comfort zone will make you completely forget that you’re working your core and arms. You know what else is great about it? You’re not alone. This is something you could do with friends or family members. Get a huge group and go sign up for a class.

Who needs gyms when you can fly? Check out the Trapeze Episode of Sweat Pretty right now and sign up for a class at a location below.

Trapeze Class Locations:
New York School of Trapeze
Los Angeles School of Trapeze
DC School of Trapeze
Boston School of Trapeze
Chicago School of Trapeze

This post was sponsored by PUMA Sweat Pretty.

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    • Lindsey

      It’s unfortunate that circus arts classes are so expensive!

    • Lynna

      I take circus arts and it’s a lot of fun and one hell of a weight training session! Even after months of personal training, Insanity, and P90X my muscles were sore for two days after the first class.

    • Miss Meppy

      Flying trapeze is great, but there are a ton of other really wonderful circus arts to learn! Silks, aerial hoop, rope, acro, hand balancing, stiltwalking, aerial hammock, static trapeze, DUO trapeze! You should find a place that offers beginner aerial arts classes where you can get a taste of everything, because while one apparatus might not be for you another might change your life. (Personally trapeze is torturous for me, but doing silks is amazing. It’s ballet in the air!) Circus will not only get you really strong, but it’ll work on your flexibility too. AND you get to feel like a superhero!

      From my personal experience I highly recommend Cirque School LA in Los Angeles, Aloft Loft in Chicago, and The Actor’s Gymnasium in Evanston, IL. All of them have great atmosphere and caring teachers who know their shit.

      Also Lindsey, if you find a nearby aerial school see if you can work out some kind of work study trade with them (if you have the time). That’s how I did it in college when I was broke – heck, that’s still how I do it, since I can’t justify the expense. TSNY is probably too big a corporation for it, but local studios like Cirque School and Aloft have programs in place.

    • Lady Shoes

      In this weekend I want to relax!

    • Katie

      I did a trapeze class out on Long Island (NY) a few years back. It was a birthday present since it was something I’d always wanted to try. A total blast, though after a few goes, I got quite determined to “get better” or “get it right”. Others in the class (almost all went viewing it as a fun exercise option) even went so far as videoing themselves to watch tape.

      By the end of my first class, I even got be try a couple releases – so brilliant. The workout was surprisingly vigorous considering you take turns. I had expected more wear in my arms and shoulders but it was almost entirely back/abs. Getting out of bed the next day was a nightmare, but the class was amazing. If there was one nearer to me, I’d go as often as I could afford!

    • Katie

      Oh well, comment got eaten. In summary: Have done, is awesome, some people get very intense in their practice, sore back/abs.