• Thu, Sep 27 2012

What Your Worst Fear Says About You

worst fear

Tell me what you fear and I’ll tell you who you are.

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  • LCT

    What about shark attack? I really need to know what this says about me.

    Probably that I’m slightly insane, since until recently I lived in the middle of the country near no bodies of water.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I am so afraid of sharks that, up until I was maybe 12, I refused to be the first in a pool.

      There’s also a Calvin & Hobbes where Calvin says he puts his rubber ducky in the bathtub to “test for sharks,” and I remember reading it when I was really little and thinking, “That’s… genius.”

    • Sabrina

      Sharks are one of two of my biggest fears. I refuse to go into deep ends of swimming pools and I adamantly refuse to go in the ocean. Sharks are a serious issue.

    • Amy

      I thought I was the only one afraid of sharks in the deep end of the pool, even though I can see that there are none in there and the whole idea makes no sense at all! It’s a completely illogical fear and I don’t understand it. So I theorise that it’s just an inbuilt genetic thing, evolutionary-based.

  • candules

    My greatest fear is Taylor Swift with purple and turquoise eyeshadow.

  • E.D.

    What about drowning and fire??

    And awful 80s clothes and makeup?

    • Jennifer Wright

      I think fire means that you are absolutely not the kind of person who could ever go live in a Tibetan monastery. You would never say “I don’t care for material goods!” You actually do regard your possessions as meaningful. You should. They are tangible connections to who we were, and who we once wished to become.

      Drowning. Umm, you like air. That’s all I’ve got.

  • Sean

    What about clowns?

    I’m deeply unfond of clowns.

    • Jennifer Wright

      You’re a human being.

  • Nancy

    Kind of besides the point, lol, but people with Parkinsons get Dementia, too FYI. But yeah, I’m afraid of the Dementia mostly, and yes, I worry too damn much.

    • Jennifer Wright

      Thank you for the added nightmare fuel. I am going to go hide under a blanket now and pray that death and disease never find me.

  • Jennifer Wright

    Really, clowns used to represent Satan in morality plays. The concept of not being able to tell someone’s true emotions is terrifying. They were designed to be terrifying. And then someone thought it would be a good idea to have them show up to children’s parties clutching a bundle of balloons, and I will never understand this. I can only assume 500 years in the future Pinhead and Jason and the monsters in the movie The Descent will be ushering in someone’s 6th birthday.

    • Jennifer Wright

      That was supposed to be a response to Sean but it didn’t work out that way, did it? I hate this commenting system.

    • Sean

      Jennifer, do you mean clowns, or imps? I’m thinking something more to the effect of Puck in The Tempest.

      I always thought clowns were intended to be a comic superlative of people that would alleviate fear.

      Man I hate clowns.

    • Sean

      Crap, I meant A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

      I shall hang my head low in the corner.

  • meteor_echo

    Okay, my deepest fears are:
    1) Arachnids. I should thank my father for it – found his pet tarantula outside the terrarium when I was 3 or 4. Small spiders are fine, but everything bigger than a walnut freaks me out.
    2) The fear of having my eyes poked out/going blind. I’m an artist, so this will be the death for me.
    3) The fear of my boyfriend suddenly dying. Oddly enough, I’m not afraid of my own death.

  • Randi

    Unmarked vans. White ones.

    • Roxie

      Me to!!! I thought I was the only one! This was because I watched this show when I was a kid where a guy kidnapped a little girl and threw her in an unmarked white van before taking her away to murder her. Freaked the shit out me ever since!

  • Fabel

    I am a liberal arts major who can’t start a fire & who also watches too much SVU. So… ACCURATE

  • brenda

    my worst fear is getting lost.

  • yiraf

    “You like things that you can understand, and you’re not really that great at science. You do not enjoy surprise parties or magic tricks (or rather, you enjoy magic tricks but only if you’re pretty sure you can see how they’re done).”

    OMG WHERE ARE YOU HOW DO YOU KNOW MY LIFE. I also like the modifier “that” before great cause I used to think I was pretty good at science. WTFW
    Oh and I remember I had a magician perform at my first communion and I kept loudly announcing his tricks to the rest of the party (during his ENTIRE performance) until he left in a huff. I was a great kid. You have a gift.

  • Lizzie

    heh, I’m a liberal arts major and my worst fear is a nuclear apocalypse.

  • Lacey

    Wow. More wanton Romney bashing. I’m a feminist and agnostic. I don’t support any religion or any political idea based on its religious roots, but I am voting for Romney. I fear that Hell may exist because if it does and the Christians are right, I would be going there for my beliefs and actions. Fear of Hell can be a fear of uncertainty or fear of punishment for past actions driven by guilt.

    • Maria

      So, spot on, isn’t it?

    • meteor_echo

      Well, either put your pants on or take that cross of your neck. You’re either a feminist, or a Romney-voter. Sorry, but if you vote for that woman-hating, degrading, misogynist jerk, I think it’s time for you to catch up on what feminism is and what will be taken away from you if you choose to support him.
      Yes, I’m smug and judgmental about this wannabe President asshole, and I’m not even ashamed.

    • Alice

      How in the WORLD are you a feminist and agnostic and still be voting for Romney? Have you HEARD what he wants to do with women and religion?

  • Robyn

    I am very disappointed you didn’t include spiders.

  • shaylee

    my mother

  • Matt

    I’m affraid I will comment on the internet, and nobody is going to care.

  • MR

    Better to continue molding the present, the new soon to be past. The past should be happy stories, the present is another opportunity. Fear only creates limits.

  • Nikita

    I’m scared of losing any member of my family or friends and i’m also scaered of falling in the bathroom.

  • http://www.facebook.com/laurawiksten Laura Wiksten

    You don’t have spider’s on there. What about if I’m horribly afraid of spiders?!

  • tmac

    garbage disposals didn’t make the list. womp.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sianmaci Sían MacIsaac

    I dont agree with this, I gotta say.