Gallery: Amanda Seyfried Looks Sexily Distraught In Film Noir-ish Vs Magazine Spread

Amanda Seyfried is a great actress, so it stands to reason that when shooting her for a big editorial, Vs Magazine would want to utilize some of her skills to tell a story of sorts. Unfortunately, it seems the art director’s brain was stuck on one setting, as most of the photos show various iterations of the word “distraught.” That said, it’s a joy to watch this bright young actress do anything, and it’s certainly more interesting than the cold wall of “blue steel” you get in most fashion editorials. Click through to see it.

(Via The Daily Mail)

Photos: Vs Magazine

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    • sara

      Honestly, she looks like Cat Marnell!

    • Emily

      “Oh, I’m so sexy and helpless god what is going on I don’t even know won’t you help me mister, I can’t take care of myself!”

      Honestly, this set of photos is basically everything that’s wrong with the portrayal of women in advertising.

      • Amy

        Agreed. The fact that she’s by herself makes my assume she has either mental health issues or is withdrawling from serious drug use.