Pick Of The Week: Get A Damn Raincoat

As I recently discussed with my mom, I refuse to ever define grown-up-ness by whether or not someone has purchased the correct clothing and/or products. That said, it’s raining in New York today, which reminds me once again (or would if I went outside, anyway) that despite owning approximately one dillion whimsically printed rompers, I do not have a single raincoat. This is partly because I find rain gear impractical; it’s great while it’s raining, but the second the rain stops you look like a fool in ill-fitting yellow boots and a greenhouse of a plastic jacket. A cheap umbrella which I will inevitably lose has always been good enough for me.

That said…it is great when it’s raining. I actually do have to leave the shelter of my blogging cave in a second, and I’m kind of starting to wish I had some protection, so I’ve spent much of my work day intermittently looking for coats online. The above flowered one is a stunner, but it looks like there’s only one for sale. I also found a nice, sturdy looking one at Modcloth, which I like because I’ve been weirdly into the color blue lately. And here’s a bright red one for sale at Urban Outfitters. Feel free to add any great raincoats you have found in the comments.


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    • scarlett

      I found two really great shortish trench coats that I use as rain coats. They aren’t that HORRIBLE plastic and they are really cute. One is black with a gray graphic pattern on it that appropriate for everything and I have a leopard print one that I get compliments on every time I wear it. And if it stops raining … you still have a super cute trench, and they are always classic and chic.

    • lucygoosey74

      I have also contemplated buying a raincoat/rain boots. Much like you, I’ve used the same crappy umbrella for years now and the spokes are getting really messed up from it turning inside out in the wind. I live in the upper midwest, so it’s safe to assume that it’s going to be rainy and crappy this fall.
      Ah, I can see myself carefree, skipping along in the rain, sporting brand new matching rain gear…so cute.
      It will never happen. I’ll use that crappy umbrella ’till the wind finally grabs it and takes it away for good. Sigh.