Crowdsourcing: Which Sexy Shoes Should I Get?


Would you like to know the details? I went to a “Sexy Shoe” Breakfast at Saks, yesterday. It was to preview “the hottest heels of the season” selected by Footwear News. I figured I’d go, look at some shoes, eat some of the fresh fruit that is invariably laid out at these things. Maybe a mini-croissant. They also mentioned that they were having a contest where a blogger in attendance would win a $150 gift card to Saks Shoes. I filled out the card, and threw it in the bowl, fully realizing I would never win, because I never win contests.


I realize there is a possibility that Saks has strict gift giving policies, and perhaps every blogger who attended was a winner, but no matter.

Suffice to say, this has really helped me overcome my fear of Saks. It’s a place I’ve been subtly intimidated by since the remake of The Women. There’s a scene where the Annette Bening character is walking through Saks and one her friends daughter’s is walking with her. The daughter says, “I hate it here” (she’s about five) and Annette Bening gets down on both knees, grabs the child by the shoulders and hisses “nobody. doesn’t. love. Saks.” And I remember thinking “well, maybe not, but I bet that child is traumatized by it, now. So I guess her love for it will be buried under a heavy layer of trauma.” I felt for that kid.

No more. No more, for I am a winner.

Nobody. Doesn’t. Love. Saks.

Look. There’s almost a 100% chance I’m going to put my $150 towards a sensible pair of round toed pumps, like always. But! If I were to choose from one of the shoes on display yesterday, which should I get? I will show you some pictures of my favorite ones.

Frankly, I think I like these  Christian Louboutins because they make me think of a dinosaur. I’m not sure that’s sexy, but people are subconsciously attracted to dinosaurs, right?

sexy shoes

Oh my gosh, I would walk the streets humming songs from the 70′s and just waiting for Andy Warhol to discover me in this Miu Miu pair:

Or these! They have a ruffle! Look at how Nicholas Kirkwood put a ruffle on that big strong boot!

Or… Prada. I don’t normally like wedges, but the cool curvy shape here reminds me of a courtesan’s shoes from the 16th century and I could get really into that.

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    • London

      Bootie with the ruffle definitely. I am in love with it.

    • laura

      love the ruffle, but that means you can’t wear them with any pants because you may damage them. also, not too keen on the shape.
      the glitter ones are BEYOND hideous. please do not wear those in the privacy of your own home, let alone blow a free pair of designer shoes on them.
      The ‘coutesan’ shoes are LOVELY- so elegantly shaped- I would be into them, too.
      It is actually a very tough choice between those and the dino shoes.
      I might actually lean towards the dino shoes because if I was spending my own money I would defo get the courtesan shoes since they look so timelessly classy. The dino shoes are super badass and have such a great color and unique texture, but I would want to keep my investment in shoes I know I would never fall out of love with.
      I vote Dino shoes.
      They rock.
      (haha- get it? rock, like stone? like stone *age* jk accident- noticed possible (terrible!) pun after i already wrote it :)
      Hope this helps!
      Besides, even if you don’t agree at all you will have at least made an elimination. :D

    • alexandra

      miu miu! glitter! the 70s! They will go with all your cute little dresses!

    • Robin

      Courtesan’s shoe, definitely.

    • MJ

      Dino shoes! You know that you will look at your feet all day and be like “rawr. yes, rawr!” /so happy

    • Dana G


    • Sabrina

      Huh. Weird. I think I like the wedges. And I normally don’t like wedges. But they’re super “what now, bitch!” in a great way.

    • Alexandra

      Glitter! Glitter every time.

    • Samantha

      Courtesan shoes! They’re beautiful!

    • gp

      glitter, glitter, glitter!

    • Alim


    • onegreatsmile

      Courtesan is a much classier word for hooker than hooker. Which is what you’ll look like in the dino (because the glitter is just plain hideous and not even in the running). Plus, the dino-s look plastic. And trying too hard to be cool.

    • Lauren

      Definitely, Miu Miu.

    • Sean

      While I’m all for any article of clothing that encourages pretending to be a dinosaur, those shoes remind me (for some unimaginable reason) of a T-Rex, and that just sounds like a pain in the ass.

      Sure you’re wearing fancy shoes, but you’d have to tuck your arms in and do the tiny flailing T-Rex arms. You’re guaranteed to spill your coffee and that’s just annoying.