Headline Calls Christina Aguilera ‘Trashy,’ Let’s Just Say ‘Slutty’ And Call It A Day

Christina Aguilera has never been one to shy away from her sexuality. She knows how to use her sex appeal to her advantage and she doesn’t mind flaunting the fact that the gal does things her way, and fuck you critics for condemning her and her, well, art.

The video for her song “Your Body,” involves a lot of sex and what appears to be murder of the men after she gets what she wants. It’s hard to tell if she’s trying to convey a Black Widow or an Aileen Wuornos type character with all this sexin’ and killin’. Yeah, we get it, Christina, you want to use ‘em and leave ‘em — join the club.

However, although Aguilera is portraying a character who lives in a trailer, does this make her “trashy?” Is “trashy” just a watered-down version of the word “slutty,” or are they all under the same umbrella?

I happened to notice the above headline from Huffington Post for the video: “WATCH: Christina Gets Trashy For ‘Your Body.’” At first I thought it was a play on words regarding the song, but it wasn’t. Then, considering the content, I couldn’t figure out if “trashy” was being used to label her behavior or the fact that the bleached-out haired character lives in a trailer. I didn’t realize that we were using the word “trashy” for people who either can’t afford to live elsewhere or like to have NSA sex in men’s bathrooms. Obviously, ignorance is going to pin you as a “slut” or “trash” for it, but ignorance pins a lot of unnecessary and wrong labels on people.

It’s hard to tell what’s worse: slut-shaming someone for wanting to fuck or trash-shaming someone for their economic standing in the world. The word “trashy” just seems wrong for a headline; or maybe I’ve just been hanging out with too many liberals lately. Oh, wait. I am a liberal.


Photo: HuffingtonPost Screenshot

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    • Jenniwren

      In my opinion, “trashy” is just another word that people use when what they actually want to say is “dirty” (and to be fair to Christina, she wasn’t even hesitant about using that word earlier in her career) because they still subscribe to antiquated notions about spiritual/physical “purity” being located in the vagina.
      It’s also unsurprising that they would apply this to a woman living in a trailer- historically speaking, poorer women have always been treated as sexually and socially deviant. I’m currently reading about the campaign to encourage wealthy women to breast-feed in the 18thC; one of the primary methods employed was to denigrate the milk of wet-nurses (who were usually poorer women or servants) as “impure” because of the assumed deviancy of their lifestyle.

    • Fabel

      I think “slutty” is more specific to a woman’s sexual behavior, manner of dress, or even face/facial expression (which I say as someone who’s been told she has a “slutty face”). The opposite of “slutty” are words like “prude” “pure” “virginal” etc., whatever, whereas the opposite of “trashy” is “classy.” So they’re different (both problematic, but different)