Did These Men Get What They Wanted In A Wife?

what men want in a wife

The New Statesman looked through some old copies of Cosmopolitan and found this gem, where men explain what they want in a wife. I was curious how it worked out for these men, especially Robert Carrier who wanted a paper thin woman who could eat unlimited amounts and never gain weight. 

30 or so years later, here’s how their romantic lives played out.

Gyles Brandreth: In addition to becoming a Member of Parliment, he’s also  former European Monopoly champion, and the President of the Association of British Scrabble Players. He’s been married to his wife, Michele (nee Brown) since 1973. He told The Daily Mail: ‘She’s quite a challenge and I’m still trying, 42 years later, and here we still are. She keeps me in my place. She thinks, and she is right, that I am the world’s most spoilt and self-centred person.’ He and his wife founded a teddy bear museum.

David Broome: David Broome is married to Liz Edgar, who is said to be one of the most successful show jumpers of all time. She presumably had a will of her own, perhaps in part evidenced by the fact that she was the first woman to win the Aachen Grand Prix.

Mark Caine: Unfortunately, I fear Mark Caine has faded into obscurity.

Robert Carrier: According to The Telegraph: “Robert Carrier never married, though his close companion for many years, according to friends, was a writer called Oliver Lawson-Dick, who predeceased him.”

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    • Robyn

      Interesting… And cool, how the two more obvious feminists seem to have been more self-aware and went on to have successful relationships, while the other two, not so much.

    • Anon

      @Robyn – It seems like Robert is gay…

    • alexandra

      Aw, poor Mark Caine. How ever will the world deal with that loss.

      Agreed that Robert is gay. The one trait he did list is a) more common in men anyway and b) would produce a look of utter androgyny. I don’t think the surveyor was really open to “I’d like my ideal woman to be a man.”

    • Lauren

      I think only young women can “eat and eat and still not gain weight” so it might be reasonable to assume that he only wants someone young, and really there are women that are skinny and can do that, personally I can’t but I wouldn’t say that I am skinny either. People want what they want, and you really can’t shit on them for that.

    • MR

      Trust me. A man definately needs a wife. :)