Retro Snap: Do You Recognize This Man? Are You In Love With Him?

skylar astin

Buzzfeed claims he is about to be your new crush.

It’s Skylar Astin. He’s in Pitch Perfect (as the handsome love interest who loves movies! A completely uncontroversial topic for anyone in a movie theater!) and he was also in Spring Awakening, which was a very fine Broadway Musical. Here. Why don’t you listen to him talk about his role in that here:

His twitter bio reads:

At the end of the day, I consider myself to be someone, when it all comes down to it, after all is said and done, and when push comes to shove I think I am the

Hah! Mine reads “in my free time, I enjoy things.”

I am in love with him now, just FYI. Also, I am easily influenced.

Pic via @SkylarAstin

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    • Lauren

      I saw him in Spring Awakening for his last performance. That wasn’t planned, but I guess a bunch of the original cast was leaving that day and there were a TON of fangirls in the audience and every time one of the actors leaving started to sing the girls all started screaming. He was the crowds favorite that day. I kept getting annoyed because I couldn’t hear anything and I hadn’t seen it yet and that’s when I realized I was an old lady at the age of 23.