Teenagers Explain Why Their Homecoming Dresses Were Deemed Inappropriate

Stansbury high homecoming

Are they… inappropriately adorable?

Over half the teenagers attempting to attend the Stansbury High homecoming dance were turned away at the door because they were wearing dresses that revealed their knees. Also, this happened now. Now, not in 1929 or whenever this would last have been regarded as a shocking statement.

The students have started a Facebook page with photos from girls not allowed into the dance. Check them out (and hear some of their stories) and see if there is a single dress you find inappropriate:

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    • Pants

      I’m actually surprised by how un-horrible all these dresses are!

      (And horrified at the poor quality of that sentence. Ugh.)

      I was expecting much much much worse.

      That second dress? I love it!!!! LOVE!!!! With all caps and unnecessary punctuation!

      • Cate

        I thought the same thing! It’s so, so pretty. Actually they’re all pretty nice, except for the bright blue thing at the end.

    • Fabel

      This makes me really angry, seriously. I mean, first of all, every single one of those dresses is at least AT the knee. But second of all…why is any school, anywhere, enforcing a regressive, arbitrary rule like this? What the fuck.

    • Kat

      I don’t get it. Is this an Amish school or something? Compared to what most girls wear to dances and in general these days, showing a freaking knee is too much??? No one finds knees sexy. No one. All these ladies look classy and adorable and age appropriately dressed. Shame on the school!

      • Trish

        This was from a school in Utah. Not at all surprising. Things are pretty ridiculous here.

      • Tori

        Actually, it doesn’t matter if we’re from Utah or not. Even us Utah girls wear clothes much more inappropiate then this. Don’t judge this dance just because it’s a Utah one, Trish

    • Breezy

      If I were one of those parents I would throw an absolute shit fit. That is completely ridiculous.

      I chaperoned a junior high dance last year and my only job for the evening was visible ass patrol. I had to stand on the dance floor and let the children know when they had air-humped hard enough to wiggle their adolescent buttcheeks out of their almost nonexistent dresses.

      Junior high.

    • Daxx

      Wow just amazing. I thought all the dresses were super cute and surprisingly modest. Nothing too tight too revealing etc. Just nice dresses. What were the girls wearing who got into the dance wearing, burkas?

    • Maggie

      What alarms me the most here, is that if these girls were being turned away for showing knee, all the other girls showing their ankles got away with it! I mean, what kind of wanton hussy goes in to a school dance with her ankles showing? And these people are worried about knees.

      Oh wait, sorry, I forgot that we don’t live in 1850 anymore!