The Lamest Pick-Up Lines We’ve Heard That Actually Worked

If you’ve ever been to a bar, or anyplace for that matter, that has a bunch of singles looking to meet someone, you’ve probably heard more than a few pick-up lines. Some are great, some are cheesy, some are pure brilliance, but then there are those that are straight-up lame.

But the actual pick-up line aside, if you’re going to go home with someone or give them your number, you’ll probably decide with or without the line. Although for some people it helps because it shows effort and initiative! Or something.

The most recent pick up line I’ve heard, that was both lame and lacking in sense, was the following:

He: “I think we should finish what we started at the bar the last time I saw you.”

Me: “What did we start?”

He: “Oh, you know.”

Me: “I stopped in to say ‘hi’ to a friend, and you happened to be there. That was it.”

He: “We had chemistry. So we’re going to go home and finish what we started.”

Whether or not that’s his go-to line or we did have some sort of chemistry I missed, will remain a mystery to me. I also don’t know if it was the words, his sparkling blue eyes or the way he kissed, but he won me over. Honestly, he didn’t need a line.

I asked a handful of women I know for the the lamest pick-up lines they’d heard that actually worked on them. Not surprisingly, there weren’t many that had people running home with anyone. But the few I did collect are pretty bad, which makes them kind of awesome.


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    • Nancy

      Random guy: ‘How much does a baby polar bear weigh?”
      Me: (weird look): “I don’t know….”
      Random guy: ‘Enough to break the ice. Hi, I’m [name]!”

      So cheesy, I had to laugh! He did it in a cute, friendly way…

      • Natalie

        I will always love the polar bear line! No one’s ever used it on me, but I’d give them a chance if they did.

    • Larissa

      “You look like Jodie Foster.”

      We dated for a year and a half.
      Now, Jodie seems like a lovely woman. And she’s cute. But she’s also about 25 years older then me. and I don’t actually look like her at all. and it’s not like she’s some sex symbol where people often make flattering comparisons to win you over. so this was the most random ass comment i’ve ever heard. and it worked :(

    • Debra

      “Wanna fig? I mean date?”

      I’m now married to him. :)