What Your Favorite Fairy Tale Says About You

favorite fairy tale

I was originally going to do “what your fantasy says about you” as a counterpoint to last week’s “what your worst fear says about you,” but then I was reading The Hairpin and I started thinking about Snow White, so I was like, “fuck it. I’m going to write about some dwarves”. Roll with me on this one.

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    • Nancy

      “I say, if someone tries to eat your dreams, you eat them. Remember that.”

      If I ever have to resort to cannibalism, I’m going to reference you. lol

      • Jennifer Wright

        Standing by it.

    • Lindsey

      Little Red and Sleeping beauty. Accurate for me! Obviously you need to quit this ‘writing’ nonsense and be a fortune teller.

    • Lauren

      I do only get 6hrs of sleep a night… Maybe I will take the afternoon off.

    • Renee

      Hands up if you would rather be a fairy godmother than a princess? (the secret force pulling the strings, yes please)

      Also, Cinderella girls love to cast themselves as martyrs. In reality, the step-mother had to request that she pick up her room (not clean it, just pick up the shit laying on the floor) three times before grounding her. But in Cindy’s version, she is a slave, a victim, who is constantly having to work for the rest of the family.

      Are there any good female role models in fairytales?

      • Cydnii

        Funny story: I WAS the Fairy Godmother for Halloween in the 3rd grade. Whitney’s Fairy Godmother, though. You know, the one with Brandy and Whoopi and Victor Garber and the asian prince. My uncle Reggie made it, coller, cape and all. We still find leftover gold sequins around the house. Seriously. It was fabulous.

        That being said, I’m probably going to end up using this post as the basis for my Halloween decision this year. I was already feeling Cinderella, but it’s basically solidified now. Here’s hoping I find the party that at the very least meets my expectations.

    • Alice

      Very interesting, but what if the fairytales we know and love aren’t what they seem? Here’s an interesting take on Sleeping Beauty as translated by fairytale experts Christine Jones and Jennifer Schacker…certainly gives us pause.


    • Candace


      But never stop trying.

    • Jenny

      I LOVED The Little Mermaid. I used to watch it every day when I got home from school when I was little. My friends are pretty interesting…