20 Awesome Websites That Every Woman Should Bookmark

I don’t know about you, but I spend way too much time looking at old high school friends’ updates on Facebook and sifting through work emails. Somewhere in the time between my first cup of coffee and the 4pm rush, I’ve wasted my precious internet moments on meaningless crap. Again.

So today I am bookmarking my favorite websites with the intention of making the most out of my little dashes of free web time. These 20 run the gamut from career advice and fashion fixes to personal productivity and single-girl safety. Some you probably know, and some you may not. Bookmark them all — because you never know when you catch yourself buried in the black hole of Facebook and need something awesome to help you climb back into the real world again.

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    • Cee

      Ooh good suggestions! I’d also recommend Autostraddle for all the LGBT peeps of The Gloss

    • Aja

      A lot of good sites, but I don’t think a Ponzi scheme site/company like Chloe and Isabelle belongs in the list. Too many women get sucked in, have to buy hundreds of dollars worth of “starter” or “investment” kits and then either don’t make a dollar back or bug the hell out of her friends.

    • Pants

      Curious as to how many of these must-bookmark sites are sponsors of The Gloss?

      Yes, I’m a jaded asshole.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I’m a jaded asshole, too! Actually, not that many? I mean, a lot of them link to sites where we have friends – Alice, who runs Get Off My Internets, has written for us, for instance. The Mommyish writers are currently working maybe ten feet away from us. So, some of the personal sites are people we know. But I suppose everyone read their friends’ sites? Some we do have partnerships or have worked with in the past (like Birchbox.) But we have nothing to do with places like ZocDoc or Uber (I didn’t know what that was) so… some. Also, it’s Brandy’s choices, and she is a freelancer.