Amanda Seyfried Colorblocks Red And Purple: How Do You Feel?

Colorblocking: still a thing!

And actually, I don’t mind that it is. As trends go, I can think of many worse ones than “combining bright colors that are near each other on the color wheel to excite people’s eyeballs,” despite my well-documented pink-red-phobia. Pull it off correctly, and you’ve got a fun look that is visually stimulating without being too wacky.

Why is why I was a little surprised today when some of my colleagues began criticizing the outfit Amanda Seyfried wore to Paris Fashion Week a few days ago. (I don’t have access to any full-length pics, but here is one. If you don’t feel like clicking on that link, the pertinent info is that her shoes are the same color purple as her lipstick.) Amanda and/or her stylist seems to be following all the colorblocking rules; red and purple are not too far apart (as we learned in kindergarten, purple is blue mixed with red), and she added dimension with a neutral-colored printed accessory. Her yellow hair even adds a pop of contrasting color!

But maybe her lipstick and shoes are too matchy matchy? And maybe purple lipstick is too Goth for our lovely blonde leading lady? And maybe the jacket’s a little long? (These things are all false, but I’m trying to be fair and balanced.)

What judgmental thoughts are you thinking in your fashion-opinions-having brain?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

On a related note, when looking up Google search terms for “Amanda Seyfried,” I was happy to see that “Amanda Seyfried movies” searches ten times higher than “Amanda Seyfried pictures.” Way to not be shallow, Amanda Seyfried fans.

Photo: WENN

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    • Candace

      She looks like Carmen Sandiego

      Aka awesome

    • Nancy

      I just don’t like the lipstick, maybe if she had some other purple accessory it’d be ok.

      • jamiepeck

        You have to click the link to see, but she has on purple shoes.

    • Allie ♥

      Color blocking? Looks more monochromatic.