JWOWW’s Transformation To A Different Person Reportedly Nearing Completion

JWOWW ignites plastic surgery rumors with NYC appearance.

'90s Geri Halliwel?

First of all: sorry, guys. Slow news day. But it was either this or the Hulk Hogan sex tape. Don’t click that.

Jersey Shore‘s Jenni Farley AKA JWOWW is one of the few reality TV stars we’ve ever thought redeemable. She is also slowly becoming someone else, per the internet. Though she’s openly admitted to having breast implants, she’s denied any plastic surgery above the neck. But! She keeps showing up to events looking slightly different than she did before. Sometimes we want to say, “Couldn’t it just be all that makeup?” but we’re admittedly pretty desensitized to this stuff. And no. HuffPo has another photo that really demonstrates the change.

Above is a photo of her at a Jersey Shore Season Six launch party in New York last night, standing beside new fiance Roger Mathews.

Below is a season one promo:

And here’s another vintage shot, for kicks:

(Photo via Wenn)

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    • Deborah

      I can’t get the images to load. I won’t be able to concentrate until I see the photographic proof of which you speak. The horror of my day.

    • Megan

      Botox and filller. Some people don’t consider that plastic surgery

    • Nancy

      I thin she looks the same. I think all the differences are from different make-up and different facial expressions.

    • windows

      Ditching the contacts , wearing the right extensions and a make up lesson can change lives. nuff said.