Law And Order: SVU: STFU (No, But Really… Please Do)

The other night, I was unable to sleep as per usual, so I e-ran over to Hulu and popped in to see what shows were starting back up. Lo and behold, Law & Order: SVU has started back up! Considering it was around 4am and my choices were to re-watch another Daily Show or eat yet another Skinny Cow ice cream bar to keep my mind preoccupied and off my stressful stuff, I opted for L&O. The lengthy two-part season premiere wasn’t great: despite any kind of intensely bad situation happening to the characters, it’s a low risk show at all times since you know the main folks will always be just fine.

But that isn’t why I’ve realized I really, really don’t like the show any longer. And while I was planning on writing this eventually anyway, I was pointed in the direction of “What Is It With Women and Law & Order: SVU?” and I realized just how much I needed to explain my disdain.

Before I appear judgmental, believe me: I have seen nearly every episode of Law & Order: SVU that there is. I used to TiVo every marathon and loved how incredibly addictive it is. I’m a huge Christopher Meloni fan, in part because of his character on Oz and in part because he’s damned attractive. Even though I got sick of every character’s face being partially hidden by lighting that would never be used in an actual police station, I never grew tired of that jawline and the way his eyes always looked like he was debating between hugging somebody or tossing them off a bridge. But I digress.

I digress a whole lot.

The fact of the matter is that my anger for Law & Order: SVU goes far beyond the Case of the Missing Meloni. It’s more than the repetitive “Benson is a tough cop with a heart of old, but she’s strong so nuh-uh to relationships for her!” bit. It’s more than the fact that every person seems to be suffering from an incredibly rare illness that B. D. Wong can diagnose after one conversation. It’s about the realization of how horrible the show actually is.

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    • Elevator_from_Duh_Shining

      I can’t stand this show for all of the reasons you listed in this article

    • Annie Will

      GREAT article. I have always loved SVU, but lately it’s been killing me, for most of the reasons you described.

    • Brit McGinnis

      This is definitely a good argument pointing out flaws in this show, but I HOPE that you think things can still change!!! I find that TV shows in particular pay attention to media buzz (or at least they should). So maybe you could make soe noise about this? It always makes me angry when people rant about things LIKE rape culture, but then act like it’s impossible to change it. It’s HARD, but not impossible. <3

    • Stablest

      I agree with you SO HARD, that show is super heteronormative, especially in the earlier seasons, and even when they come across an old victim who appears to have dealt with it, they always push her until she cries and then they can be like, “see?? You weren’t ok YOU MUST PRESS CHARGES OR THIS WILL HAPPEN TO EVERY WOMAN EVERYWHERE” Also, Stabler is gone and that makes it so much less fun to watch.

    • Emily Fisher

      Agree 100 percent! I honestly don’t know why people want to sit through that… Rape should not be glorified as entertainment.

    • lostinthecity

      Stabler leaving wasn’t the worst of it. The show is now helmed by Warren Leight, who for the past two seasons has dumbed it down and taken away a lot of the grit. The scripts have become so poorly written. And in terms of cinematography, it’s now shot more like a USA or CBS show than the old Law & Order.