North Carolina Woman Arrested for Tattooing Her 11-Year-Old Daughter

North Carolina’s Odessa Clay, 30, was arrested late last month for giving her daughter a “small, heart-shaped tattoo near her right shoulder.” She’s been charged, naturally, with tattooing a person under 18.

North Carolina law prohibits tattooing small children, but Clay claims she didn’t know that and thought it was legal with parental consent.

Take a moment and consider how this story could become more astounding. Next, get ready, because Clay’s explanation is absolutely it:

“She asked me to do it.”

Her 11-year-old daughter asked for the tattoo, so–we guess–Clay had no choice. Thank god she didn’t ask for a machete and a Super Soaker full of scotch.

Clay used her own tools and claimed to have properly numbed her daughter’s arm. She added, ”I didn’t fill it in,” meaning it was only the outline of a heart, not a solid block of ink. Which is very glass half full of her.

As for how Clay was caught, she believes an “ex in-law reported the tattoo to retaliate against a report Clay filed against her daughter’s paternal grandfather.”

Looks like Tan Mom has some company. Which, we guess, means Clay can look forward to her own two-page spread in some issue of InTouch next year, in which she talks all about getting her tattoos removed and converting to Kabbalah. Who doesn’t love a human interest story?

(WCTI12 via Jezebel)

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    • Fabel

      Sooo, not saying what she did was in ANY way a good idea, but I actually also thought that tattoo-ing minors was acceptable with parental consent.

      • Fabel

        Also, guys, this new commenting system is scary :(

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I believe it varies, state to state.

        And I’m terrified of change, personally.

    • Candace

      What 11-year old even wants a tattoo? When I was 11, just getting a little shot scared the shit out of me.

      I think the real moral of the story is that the 11-year old girl is a badass.

      • Samantha Escobar

        I wanted a tattoo! Good thing I couldn’t get one because it would’ve been Ginger Spice’s face… or BSB.

      • Candace

        Haha when I was 11, if not for the whole needle thing, it totally would have been a lightning bolt on my forehead or a Gryffindor lion.

        This is why we cant let children have tattoos!

        Just kidding, I’d still get that lion.

    • ladygagafan34

      whats wrong with getting a tattoo? if she wants it let her have it its not the laws job.

      • Cee

        Uh because shes 11?! Do you not remember how irrational and fickle it was to be that age? At 11 I wanted to move to Florida to go to Disneyworld all day every day. I also contemplated running away with my best friend, then “oh my god Backstreet Boys are on TV!” THAT’s a child’s mind at 11. I work with them now so not much has changed in that department save the names of the popstars I suppose.
        I wish parents were not always trying to be their child’s friends or having parents treat their children as accessories. Well…at least it is small and not filled in just in case she has it removed before her sweet 16.

      • ladygagafan34

        who cares? its still not the goverments bussness, Example: Same Sex marriage

      • Samantha Escobar

        Er, same sex marriage advocates think that people of legal age should be able to get married. When I was 6, I wanted to jump out of a place. I think it would’ve been unwise to allow me to do so because I was six and had 0% idea on what was good for me.

    • Grouppz

      Way to early for that!

    • americanflyerct

      Give her a warning, and move on to arresting child molesters, abusers, and those who truly neglect their children. Much ado about nothin here.

    • Jessica Gould

      ok, this is dumb…the mother consented to it and im sorry i see that it is a good thing to have something to identify someone with…..with all the children being abducted and stuff now days this could help if one day that lil girl is abducted and what not! geez i hate how people think they can control other peoples bodies…so what she is 11…its her body and she will have to live with the choices she makes to it daily…not anyone else on this world but her!!! back off let people live and be free!!!!!

      • SMSinTX

        I’m really not sure a tattoo is going to save a child in the event of an abduction.

    • Aim

      Personally, I think it’s moronic… but if she’s the parent and she gave consent, why is this newsworthy?

    • youdontknowme

      this is horrible and scary! we must stop this before it gets out of control. why, just the other day I was at the mall and saw some psycho mother having metal spikes shoved through her daughters ear and the girl couldn’t have been older than 7 or 8. i called the police immediately and trust they arrested her. what will they think of next. barbarians!

    • Dspot7070

      Really?! cut her a friggin break. the kid wanted it, the mom was ok with it, it shouldnt be anyone elses concern. It’s not like she tattooed prostitot on her neck or a swastika on her forehead. then again they are in the biblebelt, I suppose they are lucky the whole town didnt show up to burn them at the stake for heresey.

    • Ladonna Stinson

      I am guessing an abortion would have been ok though.

    • SMSinTX

      So tattooing your child is a widely agreed upon no-no, but it’s perfectly acceptable for parents to pierce their baby’s ears (presumably without the baby’s consent)? Under what circumstance should holes be punctured into a baby (or young child) for a completely cosmetic, medically unnecessary reason, opening them up to infection and forcing them to spend hours laying on sharp earring posts and backs digging into their little faces and necks! The only reason for doing this is so vain, superficial parents can proudly show everyone, “She’s a GIRL!” Disgusting.

      • SMSinTX

        …not to mention they could pull the earring out, causing injury to their ear lobe and potentially swallowing the earring.

      • Firedawg3400

        You are absolutely correct! I’m still pissed my ex had this done while I was overseas! My daughter now doesn’t even wear earrings.

    • Jeffrey Kohl

      Everybody notice all the tatoos on mom in her booking photo? The 10 year old wants to grow up to be just like mom. Appears to be the same Odessa Clay, born in 1982, with a facebook page indicating she works as a drywaller, also at Geeks N Freaks Tattoo, and also sells May Kay products. One of her favorite sayings is “Children live what they learn: Your children will become what you are, so be what you want them to be!”

    • williered

      Backwoods North Carolina white trailer trash scum.

    • CorrectView

      Tattoos are trashy looking…………

    • Michael

      Oh, man, the article is a little harsh and mean to this mom. I totally agree that a child should not get tatoo’s until they are adults at least age 18. This is bad reporting because there is nothing on what the punishment could be. Too busy bashing the mom.