Photoshop Of Horrors: American Apparel Erased A Whole Horse

We love a good Photoshop Disaster, but this is so bad that it practically must be… intentional?

If you’re searching American Apparel for lace dresses lately, you’ll come across the above shot, a girl missing half of her horse. It seems all but impossible that a mistake like this could make it though to the company’s website; the image appears on the razor’s edge of surreal photography and spectacularly incompetent Photoshop. We’re still not entirely sure where it falls.

So. Is the rest of the horse invisible because art or is this a omission for the record books?

…Or just American Apparel’s weird homage to The Godfather?


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    • AmyVandersliceFuchs

      i’m just confused- why are there two copies? i keep looking back and forth to see the difference between the two! lol

      • Ashley Cardiff

        You’ll have to ask AA–the image was presented as is on their website.

    • Mari

      I actually think this is just really poor photo choice and setup. If you look closely you can see what looks like the horses stomach coming out slightly from her hair on the left and its shoulder sticks out from her torso on the right. you can see its leg through her skirt on the left. The horse is probably bending so its back end is hidden behind the two of them. Still a super awkward picture, but I don’t think they photoshopped the body out.

      • herpderp

        I’m thinking those are parts they just forgot to photoshop out because it looks more like a hint of leg and it’s flank. The way it’s positioned, you should still see a lot more of it because horses are motherfucking big animals.