Gallery: Jennifer Lawrence’s Vogue UK Spread Does Not Match Her Vogue UK Cover

As previously reported, Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence can be seen on the November cover of Vogue UK looking fancy and lovely in Dolce & Gabbana. But anyone who opens up the magazine expecting to find a collection of similar photographs is in for a disappointment; the editorial within shows a much more casual J-Law lounging around in various snuggly sweaters. This is bound to disappoint certain fashionistas, but it should be a pleasant surprise for sweater-lovers, MDMA addicts (she looks so soft!), and anyone who likes to fantasize about what Jennifer Lawrence would look like if they accompanied her on a romantic fall leaf-peeping trip upstate. Which one are you?

(Via TGN)

Photos: Vogue UK

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    • alexandra

      romantic fall trip with j-law! that is the category into which I fall.

      • heidegger

        indeed. romantically hoping for leaf-peeping with my new apple picking buddy who will then shoot a duck and i will cook it for us and she will say “oh this is so lovely” and i will say “isnt though? let’s go to a less skeezy motel, shant we?”