Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley Lands Bikini Spread In Australian Cosmo

We’re big fans of Robyn Lawley–the plus-size model might be inching toward the title of ‘super,’ what with Italian Vogue covers, watershed Ralph Lauren campaigns and her general good attitude. But why is it news when a stunning 23-year-old models for a magazine? It’s always news when a plus size girl stars in a spread that isn’t retro-inspired. Further, it’s extremely refreshing to see Lawley without any of the usual placemarkers of a shoot staring non-straight size models: no cat eyes, no satin lingerie, no self-congratulatory headline about “Loving Your Body!” Nope. Just a model in swimwear. And it’s awesome.

Check out Lawley looking beautiful in various bold prints while lounging at the beach:

And one more:

(via Styleite)

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    • matbo

      not to self-congratulate, but I look just like that! I never really believed that the types of bodies in magazines mattered, but yeah I actually did feel prettier seeing some one “just like me” in the magazines. You know, except her boobs are bigger and her face is waaay prettier. Still yay!

    • Amanda

      As a bigger girl, this is extremely refreshing. I’m sooooo glad to see a plus sized model just being a person – not a big person, just a normal one. It really did make me feel prettier to see this. I applaud Australian Cosmo for doing this. This is a big step for the fashion industry.

    • L

      i LOVE that swim suit top! perfect shape for us more voluptuous ladies!!

    • Lilac

      She looks great but I think the face is Photoshopped a bit. How many women do you know who are the same weight that have perfectly chiseled jawline and cheek bones. Its not natural for the body to be heavy everyplace but the face.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Having come across Lawley on a shoot in New York and seeing her in person… we promise she is that chiseled.

        She is so unbelievably chiseled.

    • Catherine

      lol plus size.

    • Poetre

      She’s not very shapely. I was expecting to see a plus size woman with curves. She’s just up an down and looks like a fat skinny woman. Looking at her pic was a waste of time.