Celebrities We Irrationally Hate: Lana Del Rey

Ashley and I have taken a lot of heat on this here website for making fun of Lana Del Rey, so I figure I should take a moment to explain myself. We like to joke around about people (it’s kind of our job), but I also have some real and sincere reasons for disliking this woman. (Or rather, her public persona, as I don’t personally know her.)

There’s so much here I don’t know where to begin! So I’m organizing my hatred into several categories. I do think it’s important to separate out your feminist reasons for disiking someone from your music snob reasons from your purely subjective and visceral ones. Like, I will defend the people who get plastic surgery from judgment on feminist grounds, but I still reserve the right to dislike the way it looks. Ya dig?

Feminist/Political Reasons

I’m going to start with the most important reasons first, so you don’t just start off thinking I’m an asshole. Lana Del Rey has constructed an image that is heavily dependent on sexist stereotypes, the beauty myth, and the larger myth of the American Dream. She makes many, many references to red dresses, makeup, diamonds, and high heels, and she loves to pose in front of the American flag. She says “you like your girls insane” and refers to herself as “crazy” a bunch of times in a way that really gets under my skin. She’s so American and female and perfect that her pussy tastes not like pussy, but Pepsi Cola!

This is all well and good; plenty of artists, male and female, have played around with American iconography and gender as performance. The problem is, she doesn’t really play around with these things at all. She throws a bunch of imagery out there, but then does nothing with it, creating an end result that’s more conservative than subversive. (Or maybe it’s simply muddled.) When Hunter S. Thompson posed in front of the American flag, it didn’t come off jingoistic because he’d earned it with his complete interrogation of America. LDR fails that test.

And unlike, say, PJ Harvey or Courtney Love, she doesn’t seem to think that the trappings of femininity are something to be put on knowingly and then taken off again, examined, and reckoned with. She is sincerely in love with them and what they can do for her, and you don’t get the sense that she understands their more problematic aspects. Or if she does, her response is one of docility and acceptance; she sounds sad a lot of the time, but she never sounds mad. I want my female singer-songwriters to be mad about these things! (And not necessarily in a masculine, aggressive way; the hysterical, feminine keening of Tori Amos will also do just fine.) When she says “God you’re so handsome, take me to the Hamptons,” there’s little to indicate she’s being ironic. (Points for name checking the female gaze, though?) It’s okay that most of her songs are about loving a (usually bad for her) man (I love men, too!) but I wish she’d stop at least once to get mad at the men for the shitty things they’ve done to her, or ask herself WHY she likes such shitty dudes, instead of just telling us that she does and THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS.

And I could write a whole post on her fundamental mis-reading of Lolita. The famous literary rape victim appears a few times on Born To Die, as well as Lana’s styling and press releases. (If I never hear the phrase “Lolita got lost in the hood” again, I will die happy.) Lana Del Rey has never said or done anything to indicate that she knows Lolita is a text about child rape, and not some sexy, glamorous advertisement for being young and hot and American. Any thinking person knows that “Lolita” can never be short hand for “I, an adult woman, enjoy consensually fucking wealthy older men and calling them ‘Daddy.’” Which is gross in its own way, but we’ll get to that.

And then there are the class issues. Oh, the class issues. (I really should have split this category up into several sub-sections.) As with gender, she talks about America’s modern caste system in a way that’s resigned at best, admiring at worst. When she purr-raps “money is the reason we exist, everybody knows it it’s a fact, kiss kiss,” it makes my skin crawl. Again, I’m not convinced she’s being ironic.

Class issues aren’t confined to her lyrics, either. Lana Del Rey (born Lizzy Grant) is the daughter of a wealthy domain name entrepreneur who financed her early career, yet she unabashedly talks about herself like she knows what it’s like to be poor. Hearing LDR talk about living in a trailer park is like hearing Hannah Horvath complain about how broke she is because she can’t get a job as an essayist. In the immortal words of Jarvis Cocker, “if you called your dad, he could stop it all.” I’d respect LDR a lot more if she owned and engaged with her privilege instead of making up some ridiculous Horatio Alger origin story. The way she uses “ghetto” imagery is also problematic, but I think I’ll let the hip-hop experts talk about that.

And then there’s the American dream, which appears everywhere in her music, and which she tends to view as desirable and achievable. Basically, I think anyone who claims to believe in “the American dream via hard work” as a feasible way people can get what they want on a mass level is either a huge sucker or a rich person trying at all costs to preserve their own privilege.

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    • http://thegloss.com/ Ashley Cardiff

      Choice Jarvis shoutout.

      • http://thegloss.com/ Ashley Cardiff


      • jamiepeck

        I think it’s because no one hugged me as a child.

    • Ms. Pants

      First thought on seeing the title of this post: “But is it really irrational?”

      After reading: “Nope, not irrational at all.”

      Any way you slice it, this girl is a sandpaper tampon.

      • Amy

        P.S. I approve of the entire article.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        I thumbs up/second this comment to the max.

      • Jenny

        “sandpaper tampon”


        I’m going to reuse that phrase…

    • Candace

      From “Ridin” with ASAP Rocky:

      “He’s rich and I’m wishin’, um, he could be my Mr. Yum
      Delicious to the maximun
      Chew him up like bubble gum”

      I irrationally hate her for being confused about blowjobs.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jacobshanewalker Jacob Walker

        the fact that you think this was even referring to blowjobs makes me think you’re the one that is confused.

      • guest

        ha! yes

    • Rey Gun

      There is NOTHING irrational about hating on this one. She is the latest and also the greatest representation of what a dismal falsehood ‘pop’ music has become; i.e. she ‘emerged’ (paid to emerge) onto the scene with the least talent, fans, body of work, and credibility of any musician that I can remember. Add to this her subhuman understanding of feminism and readiness to serve it up for a paid-for wolf whistle and we have a full fledged disaster. “Lolita in the Hood”??? “Lana” you are in your mid twenties and Humbert Humbert, the child molester of literary fame would not touch you with a soiled diaper. Also that is super racist >.>

      Woe to us that we have to endure her and her large-chunk-of-the-internet-bandwidth-owning father’s disgusting run on our already wounded zeitgeist.

      • Norah

        bless this post

    • Lerie

      I have never heard her music and only know what she looks like (she’s in all those H&M ads now all over the place), but I just had to write to say that I loved the Jarvis Cocker quote.

    • http://fitorama.wordpress.com/ Lauren Lever

      ” I realize musical taste is highly subjective, but I think LDR sounds like a dying, feline Stevie Nicks with a penchant for baby talk trying to scat over the fake Portishead music they make for movies when they can’t get real Portishead music.” — wow very well put!!

      • kneelbeforetigers

        100% win right here. I hate how America now celebrates rich people with no talent, and expects all of us to go along with it. Fuck no… rebel people, rebel!

    • Annie

      Thank you. You have succeeded in expressing all of my hatred for Lana Del Ray.

    • fierceandcute

      very interesting. I don’t know LDR well (as you do), but I have always seen her as a feminist. I think her “retro sexy image” only emphasizes her victimhood; it’s obvious that sexist stereotype you’re talking about doesn’t make the protagonist happy at all. maybe she doesn’t sound mad at the guys who makes her suffer (as, for example, Emilie Autumn sounds), but she clearly shows that in this sexy-American-dream reality woman is treated like crap. Lolita reference is quite appropriate, since LDR stage persona is all about being a victim of a man / an unequal society.

      • jamiepeck

        I have gone back and forth about this, but I ultimately I don’t think she does enough to demonstrate that she recognizes these things as problems. If you’re going to engage with sexist ideas, I think you need to be clear what you are doing with them. But maybe I’ll change my mind when she comes out with something new. I like good surprises.

      • http://twitter.com/sklosko susanna

        OK, I think this is worth saying, even if it isn’t taken seriously. I think she is engaging in sexist ideas but not in a self-conscious, tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic way, and maybe that’s why it’s so easy to just write off as disgusting. I know this because at first I despised her too just from the song video games and how empty the speaker is. But when looking at the album as a whole it is so obvious that this is not some Katy Perry song where there is the conceit that the woman on stage is exactly the same person as the “voice” singing the song. It’s weird you bring up National Anthem and the ridiculous line “I’m your national anthem, god you’re so handsome, take me to the hamptons . . .” because it is so clear to me, because the lyrics are so wonderfully clunky, that this is somebody’s voice, not Lizzy Grant but somebody else. “He said to be cool but, I don’t know how yet . . . Umm, do you think you’d like to buy me lots of diamonds?” Come on! To continue with the pretentious Lolita references, Nabokov is not Humbert Humbert!

      • jamiepeck

        “not in a self-conscious, tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic way” I’m not sure there is any other way to critique sexist ideals you appear to embody, though? Think about how feminist artists have used the trappings of femininity in the past. That said: it’s very possible that you are right and this is what she is going for, to show the damage these archetypes do to women. But if so, the execution could be a lot better/clearer. And it would help me believe this if I’d ever heard her talk about it in the millions of interviews she has done…it’s not like she hasn’t had a chance to explain her art.

        That said, if you can find me a quote where she says this is what she’s trying to do, I’ll take it all back (or at least that part of my post) and give her props for trying, even if I find her execution flawed. I would be happy to do so.

      • http://twitter.com/sklosko susanna

        I think I remember her saying something about this in regards to Video Games, I would have to figure out where I saw it. What I mean by saying that it’s not sarcastic or tongue in cheek – she is serious as a heart attack, to the extent that the characters in her song are serious. I think it would be condescending for her to come up with a “message” about these songs which are completely honest, just in a really terrible way. I just think it goes without saying that the songs are about completely self-destructive women, I don’t understand why there has to be a “lesson”, they are what they are.

      • jamiepeck

        There has to be a lesson because an artist shouldn’t engage with anti-feminist ideas without making it clear what they’re trying to do with them, if they don’t want to end up looking like they’re cool with the status quo. But I guess we can agree to disagree.

      • http://twitter.com/sklosko susanna

        sure, I imagine could go back and forth on this until eternity but I do just want to say that the claim that all creative arts must contain some sort of disclaimer when presenting ideas (i don’t agree with this word, most popular music is not ideological, to me it is more about situations and feelings) puts you on the slope of some sort of nanny mentality. I mean, Johnny Cash shot a man in Reno just to watch die. is he wrong for not explaining to us that senseless murder is not okay? I mean I see where you are coming from, i wonder how all her teenage fans perceive these songs but ultimately i am fine with things being how they are and not always as they should be.

      • jamiepeck

        Of course successful art doesn’t need a disclaimer. But this is not that. I’m just saying that if she were to give us a disclaimer stating her intentions now, I’d at least give her points for trying. I give Lady Gaga and MIA props for trying to make coherent political statements even though they mostly fail! (They aren’t shy about talking about this stuff.) Link me to whatever it is she said and I’ll read it.

      • http://twitter.com/sklosko susanna

        hmm, i still don’t believe in disclaimers, and in general think that it’s not the place of artists to explain their work, here is an article i read awhile ago, where she talks about self-destructive behavior, http://thequietus.com/articles/07106-lana-del-rey-interview . she also talked somewhere about being an alcoholic and the exhilarating/terrifying feeling of being out of control. maybe you find it fake, or whatever, but these are things i can identify with, even if they are terrible. she still doesn’t explain the songs she has like “off to the races” which is really pathological, but to me those songs speak for themselves. but basically i think she seems like a thoughtful, kind person, who writes her own lyrics, who gets stage fright, and who does not flaunt her body like all these other pop stars, so i think most of the criticism she gets is a lot more sexist than any of her behavior. i like “common people” but it is basically a song about a man condescending to and chiding a woman.

      • lot

        Apparently in an interview she said “video games was about my happiest times with someone”

        What was the video game he was playing?

        It was World Of Warcraft. It’s actually an all-consuming game.

        Did you play it, too?

        He… Well, he wouldn’t let me.

        What was his character?

        I think he played as a monster. You can’t really see the character when you’re in the game.

      • London James

        As an male musician and writer, a brother with 4 sisters, countless close female friends and a long line of happy relationships with women aged between 18-38, from different social classes and backgrounds…I can honestly say your article on Lana Del Rey gives even more evidence to my theory that Women are their own worst enemies and the biggest detractor to true female empowerment (a theory born out of countless discussions and confessions, admitting the same, by my sisters and female friends) Lana Del Rey is possibly the most talented female singer to come out of the United States since the equally gifted Debbie Harry, or our own Kate Bush. She sings about what she knows, about her darkest fantasies, dreams and secrets, and shows an amazingly huge pair of ba**s by doing so. She is beautiful, writes cryptic, hugely ironic lyrics and has an amazingly graphic, sensual voice and writes, story boards an edits her own short films. In case you haven’t read her words, she sings about the dark side of the American Dream – like a female Jim Morrison. I’ve spent the last year auditioning 100′s of ‘female vocalists’ for my album only to spend hours of my life I’ll never get back listening to girls who think good singing is to fain emotion and wale in a cod Beyonce/Christina Ag. style, rather than, as LDR does, singing from the soul, flaws and all. She’s everything ‘feminists’ in the brave new world hate: a women who isn’t afraid to admit to being a woman and enjoying the things that most Women I’ve ever known, when being totally honest with you, love. She sings about loving her guy, unashamedly and wanting to make him happy (if a guy sang lyrics like that he’d be ‘sweet’ when a Woman does it, she’s an ‘anti feminist.’) She writes strong songs and melodies and sings them in a way that let’s you into her soul, for a peak. A true singer: Aretha. Dusty. Karen Carpenter. Agnetha Faltskog. Debbie Harry. Kate Bush. Shirly Manson. Beth Gibbons. The type that does’t have to fake it, it’s already in them. The problem is, for 20-30 years America and the rest of the world have been force fed a production line of perfectly produced, perfectly groomed, perfectly tutored and perfect money printers who are technically perfect, and perfectly loud…perfect, perfect perfect…but can’t actually sing. Singing is not about perfection, it’s about connecting with people and relating to each other, doing something that comes from the soul. Doesn’t matter if you party in the Hampton’s, or on a housing estate in Bristol or South East London (like I did). You write about, and sing about, what you know. Lana Del Rey doesn’t flash her ti*s or pu**y on a wrecking ball to sell records. She doesn’t do award shows showing how close she shaves her bikini line to her vagina before grinding her buttocks on a guy old enough to be her father only to go on the radio in London and tell the world she’s more of a feminist for doing so! Or maybe you’d respect her more if she did? Would that make her a feminist? The new ‘feminism’ in the 21st Century is nothing but a backward step for Women. If Miley is a feminist and Lana Del Rey is not, I’m the Pope. Lana Del Rey, is confident, articulate, talented and unashamed about what she likes, and, represents the future for Women; stars, or secretaries, mothers or business leaders. The soft core sex act ‘power pop stars’ wearing less and less and being more and more perfectly ‘groomed’ and pimped out by the mysogyinistic owners of the biggest record companies in the world, are not.

      • http://thereisthunderinourhearts.tumblr.com/ Lora

        She’s said in an interview that she has no particular stance on feminism but “thinks women are at a good place,” which I don’t entirely agree with. Things are better than they were but sexism is still very blatant.


    • http://twitter.com/sklosko susanna

      yes, something here is very bad for women. but it is not lana del rey.

    • plasticlain

      A couple of years ago, I was thinking about all the pop stars/movie stars I irrationally hate and realized that most of them are female. It was a shitty realization, because now I can’t see these kind of articles without feeling a little uncomfortable and sorry for the person on the receiving end, even when her music/image sucks to high heaven.

      Because as annoyingly anti-feminist, money-worshipping and lyrically stupid as Lana Del Rey’s discography is, I can’t say with 100% conviction that it is any more cringe-worthy than, for instance, any song Mike Posner puts out. Yet, I haven’t been able to find a two-page diatribe against Posner anywhere.

      • jamiepeck

        Don’t worry, I hate plenty of male musicians too!

      • teamdren

        I agree with this completely. The vast majority of widely hated celebs are women. I’m not even entirely sure if this author’s idea of feminism has evolved beyond our cultural history/foundation of masculine values.

      • guest

        i hate robin thicke for his horrible misogynist bullshit video/song blurred line. i think he is much worse than LDR!!!
        He ist terrible, and it’s shocking that his song is so famous!!!!

    • mm

      You know, I was one of the people who thought you were pretty out of line and jealous-sounding with all of the irrational LDR hate. However, now that you’ve actually explained it I don’t think you’re jealous anymore. I don’t irrationally or rationally hate her, although I don’t listen to her at all. She’s just there, being sort of lame, but not bothering me. Lena Dunham, though…..hate. hate. hate. hate. hate. I know y’all at The Gloss love her but there is just SOMETHING about her that makes me want to scream. Can’t handle it.

      • jamiepeck

        Glad to have made a believer out of you. And FTR, I like some things about Lena and dislike others. I’d like her a lot more if she checked her privilege once in a while. But I do think her show is very funny.

    • Cate

      I agree with everyone else in saying that your hatred of LDR really, really is not even somewhat irrational.

    • Roberto

      Unlike all of you girls, she is BEAUTIFUL.
      Jealous much ???

    • Roberto

      Unlike most of you, she is BEAUTIFUL.
      Jealous much??

      • kneelbeforetigers

        So lame, you had to post it twice. Thanks, dude!

    • Nuni

      i agree. she seems so fake.

    • Larissa

      Yes. Everything in this article is one big Yes. She’s mashing together random imagery, themes, and “statements”…without actually making a real statement. it’s anti-art. it’s an insincere sham. So are a ton of other people, but at least they’re not pretending. Props to Katy Perry for that, she outright says she’s selling candy fluff, and I respect that. Also, Lana Del Rey is fucking terrible live. If you’re going to have awful content, at least make it sound good, girl!

      • ellen

        Since when does something have to make a grand statement to be considered art? I think ‘postmodern’ probably describes her best. As in, takes ideas from the past and just kind of puts her own spin on it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a statement or have significant meaning. It’s just a moment in her reality.

      • ellen

        Wow only just looked at the date on this and realised how late to the party I am lol

    • Jay

      You’ve completely missed the point of LDR. The point is that she is inauthentic, she is an empty signifier and that is precisely what makes her so amazingly subversive. The narrative of Born to Die is deliberately disjointed and fragmented underneath the veneer of daddy issues and so on. She’s the ironic embodiment of all that you take issue with–gender, class etc–are performative. Look deeper, for God’s sake.

      • Jay

        She’s the ironic embodiment of the performativity of gender and class etc etc.*

      • http://www.facebook.com/jacobshanewalker Jacob Walker

        this seems to be a recurring theme with people that are repulsed by LDR. They take things at completely face value. I’m sorry, but she isn’t Katy Perry, you have to look deeper into the lyrics like you would actual poetry and analyze them.

      • lot

        Big Bad Wolf
        Lana Del Rey

        I told you not to go into the woods,
        I told you that he wasn’t any good.
        I told you not to go into the woods,
        I told you that he wasn’t any good.
        I’ll take the wrong PATH,I think I’ll go a little off track.
        And now there’s no way back,
        YOU took all the apples that I had.
        But I heart you and I wanna be YOUR girl.
        I heart you and I know you’ll rock my WORLD.
        ‘Cause you rock, rock, rock, rock, rock
        You know that I want what YOU got.
        You rock, rock, rock, rock, rock
        Big bad WOLF come on and eat me up, up, up.
        (I told you not to go into the woods)

        Big, bad, naughty rock star
        Your claws are shining bright in the dark.
        Lifting up my little red skirt,
        I know you’ll leave me here in the dirt.
        But I heart you, and I wanna be YOUR girl
        I heart you, so come back and rock my WORLD!
        Cause you rock, rock, rock, rock, rock
        You know that I want what YOU got.
        You rock, rock, rock, rock, rock
        Big bad WOLF come on and eat me up, up, up.

        (I told you not to go into the woods)
        Life is like, like a little game,
        That we like to play, just for fun, just for fun
        Yeah, we take nothing seriously, nothing’s wrong, make me run, all night long.
        Hide and seek is how you play with me,
        Oh, you’re tempting me, just for fun, just for fun.
        I hear you calling me over city streets, through the trees, mess with me, then you’ll leave.
        Oh, be still my heart, escaping in your cherry red car.
        ‘Cause you rock, rock, rock, rock, rock
        You know that I want what YOU got.
        You rock, rock, rock, rock, rock
        Big bad WOLF come on and eat me up, up, up.

      • someone

        That song is terrible, a long with a couple of others, but all in all most of her music means something.

      • http://www.facebook.com/caitlin.lewellen Caitlin Lewellen

        Cause you know how hipsters love their irony *sigh*

    • Nalim

      Well just because her father is rich doesn’t mean she was. FYI she actually lived in a trailer park for a few years before she made it big. And Lolita is her favorite book which is why she has so many references to it in her songs…..but hey, at least you have reasons for why you dislike her

      • lot

        She didn’t live in a trailer park for a few years. She used this story in response to questions about her plastic surgery, exclaiming how she could not possibly afford surgery as she lived in a trailer park for years. In another interview she changes the time she lived there to a few months. She also had plenty of money as in another interview she speaks of how she at that time bought herself out of her record deal estimated to be worth 90k so lying about living in a trailer park was pointless. The only evidence of her having lived in a trailer park is an interview she construted with Index mag where she took them to a trailer park she ‘said’ she used to live in and a photo shoot that was done at the trailer park, that’s a PR stunt. But to completely blow the trailer park story right out – she was apparently studying at uni at the time she claims she lived in the trailer park and it would have taken her a 200 mile journey everyday to make it to her uni and back to the trailer park, oh and I shouldn’t forget that there are actually photos and video footage of Lizzy and her sister chuck in their lovely New York apartment, most probably paid for by their father as they were both students at the time. It was a PR hipster stunt that only idiots still believe.

      • someone

        For someone who doesn’t like her you sure know A LOT about her…

      • A person

        Umm yes she did live in a trailer park!! Please check your facts and she didn’t have plastic surgery. I don’t believe that just because she said it. People can look like that its not impossible. And many peoples features change over time! Some people are so fucking ignorant.

      • me

        Hahaha I love how you said ‘some people are so fucking ignorant’ when you clearly fall into that category. Have you even looked at photos of her before? There is a major difference! Yes her features changed over time but thats only because she done something to them, definitely NOT a natural change LOL.

      • Palladium

        PR should be associated with Gaga and the Kardashians, not with Lizzy Grant. Haters will be haters

      • lanadaartiste

        why the fuck do you study someone you so intensely dislike?

    • JustAQuickNote

      Only posting because Lolita is a favorite novel of mine, It’s not all about the poor innocent child being ruined by the scary old man. She is spectacularly seductive and a very “all american” girl, with her movie magazines and spoiled petulance. Lolita was the one who actually initiated, first asking for a kiss and jokingly saying her mother would be so mad if she found out they were lovers, then worse later on. The reason the novel is so powerful is because it can make you sympathize with a pedophile despite your better judgement.

      • lot

        Firstly you need to read the book again, it was rape by a paedophile the paedophile admits this in the book and no I don’t sympathize with the paedophile, a person who rapes a child doesn’t need sympathy they need mental help. You are worrying, the book is about a 12 year old girl and a paedophile and purely from the perspective of the paedophile not the 12 year old girl who has no voice in the book.

      • Noni

        I can not believe people are so misguided about this work.

      • Paige

        Wow. I feel sorry for you that Lolita is one of your favorite novels and you don’t even understand it. Lolita was TWELVE when she met Humbert. TWELVE year olds are not seductive in any way, YOU IDIOT! Lolita was a kid. She was flirting with him the way tweens flirt with each other. He took advantage of that. Their FIRST night together, he even drugged her and tried to rape her but only decided against it because she wasn’t entirely unconscious. Explain to me how that is NOT a “scary old man ruining an innocent child.” I dare you. Nabokov himself described Humbert as total scum.

    • Paul Barr

      You are completely interpreting it wrong and taking her way too seriously. You seem like (a probably ugly) high school nobody who thinks they are highly intellegent and is getting revenge on the world that hated them by writing sarcastic “I’m better than everyone” toned articles. Go fuck yourself.

    • Guest

      I think her persona is meant as an ironic statement more so than a literal one. So… I refute your argument about her ideal “American dream beauty myth” persona.

    • Guest

      I think her persona is meant as an ironic statement more so than a
      literal one. So… I disagree with your argument about her ideal “American
      dream beauty myth” persona.

      • guest

        ^completely agree. she’s playing with stereotype by embracing it and fucking it. it’s the most feminist thing ever. maybe it is something you have to live to understand. i had a stripper girl friend for five years and she was a hard core feminist with mensa membership. she destroyed the stereotypical stripper idea i had in my own head. i feel lana does the same sort of thing in her own way.

      • Guest

        Your mensa-level feminist stripper girlfriend? That’s like saying Kim Kardashian is a mensa-level feminist because she shows off her body and how stupid she is, but she’s doing it intentionally and with much deeper meaning that we couldn’t begin to comprehend. Everyone can just defend anything they do or say by saying there’s this “deeper level”. Unless examples are given as to why people are playing on such a higher plane of intelligence, your argument makes no sense.

      • SMACK DOWN

        There’s nothing wrong with being a stripper, or participating in sex work. In fact, the idea that sex work is somehow bad is inherently anti-feminist. A woman deciding to use her body to make money for whatever reason does not diminish her intelligence and is not detrimental to the feminist movement. (Also, Kim Kardashian using the attention garnered from her sex tape, something that many women would be ashamed of, to further her own success is pretty awesome.)

      • jaden

        then why would’nt she change herself and pretend to be it, then she’d be this singing about it http://live105.cbslocal.com/2012/01/24/lana-del-rey-before-she-was-famous/ and thats still with the rhinoplasty and teeth did.

        and even after even more surgeries she looks nothing like her photo shoots or video’s.

        http://lana-del-rey-sucks.tumblr.com/ ‘hurrrrr i’m just like Marilyn’. fucking ugly rich deluded bitch

    • http://www.facebook.com/jacobshanewalker Jacob Walker

      Not everyone and everything has to have a political message. I am one of the most political people I know, and I actually enjoy someone genuinely being themselves and not worrying what people think or the larger implications of something. It’s nice to be able to turn the fighting part of your brain off and enjoy some genuine artistic expression. Do you know why her songs don’t make sense to you? Why you’re not sure if her songs agree with your particular political/societal agenda? Because they might not! Surprise surprise! Lana Del Rey creates music that is evocative of past emotions for some people. It doesn’t have an agenda. It is a snapshot of life as she sees it, and invalidating that snapshot because it doesn’t completely mesh with your predetermined political views is ridiculously dismissive. Someone admitting that they like to rely on a man, and that they like to be submissive to men in their relationship is just another feminist point of view. Having the courage to admit that you want a man in your life and that you want to rely on him and that you can still be your own person with your own goals could be the highest form of feminism. Being able to keep yourself intact while fulfilling that urge/need/want denotes a stronger person that someone who dislikes men and the idea of being a devoted lover in a relationship. Women need to stop this whole game of either you’re helping advance feminism or you’re not. Some people can be neutral, and just for a little while, express something as simple as feelings, and desires. That is the root nature of art and that’s what Lana Del Rey’s music is.

      • lot

        It really doesn’t surprise me you are a man – being a feminist doesn’t mean you hate men and it doesn’t mean as you put it ” you like to be submissive to men in their relationship” the problem is dealing with sexist men!! haven’t you worked that out. It really pisses me off that a man like you can sit there and type a few pondered words on the subject when it’s been going on for how many fucking years. “Having the courage to admit that you want a man in your life and that
        you want to rely on him and that you can still be your own person with
        your own goals could be the highest form of feminism” Can you believe you just said that, are you from the 1800′s? In fact, a man using himself as an example towards other men can probably make more impact than a woman can!! You just failed at that, miserably.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jacobshanewalker Jacob Walker

        What I was saying simply, is that many women don’t view a relationship as a combative thing, that people naturally go into roles in some relationships, and if that’s what makes women happy they shouldn’t be ostracized by the feminist movement for that. Relationships make many women, AND men happy. Just because a woman would act like Lana Del Rey in her videos in a relationship doesn’t mean she is dopey, or stupid, or buying in to male supremacy. She is keeping her feminity and flaunting it. That has nothing to do with her independence, or her capacity to accomplish things outside of the romantic sphere.
        Also, simply saying that my views are from the 1800s in an angry word vomit without backing things up doesn’t help me understand feminism any more. I would like to learn more, and I admit I probably don’t know as much as I should, but the criticism of Lana Del Rey seems anti-feminist to me, as she is looked down upon for expressing her sexuality. If she likes to be submissive because that turns her on, she should be able to express that, without fear of people condemning her. The fact that she can do that while still being successful and in control of her own life is a testament to female strength.

      • guest

        again, beautifully thoughtful

      • Liana

        You took the words right out of my mouth! GO Jacob!!!!

      • http://thereisthunderinourhearts.tumblr.com/ Lora

        Spoken like someone who has never analyzed her lyrics. You do realize she makes plenty of references to “mean” men that she’s nonetheless attracted to? In what way is this empowering? Also, sounds like you’re equating femininity with being submissive.

        It seems like so many women want to be submissive, to have men pay for them on dates, to be infantilized …which makes sense in a world that eroticizes female submission, female virginity (and the hymen, and an inherently sexist concept), violence against women, lets famous abusers remain in the spotlight, and is still drenched in patriarchal religious imagery of female subordination to men.

      • OJID

        Put your feminist ideals aside, Lana isn’t a feminist, Lana isn’t an anti-feminist either; deal with it and stop criticizing her.

      • Lora

        I think there are some fair criticisms or evaluations of her music to be made (her seemingly incessant lyrics, perhaps glamorized, centered on men who are “bad,” or violent, or alcoholics), but I’m actually a big fan of hers.

      • Liana

        I am a woman and I happen to agree with most of this Jacob’s post.
        I don’t think we can call Lana sexist or anti-feminist for expressing her desires or the desires of a character she has created. Some people just happen to fit into stereotypes and just as it is wrong to force people into acting like the stereotypes they do not want to be, it is wrong not to let someone be a sterotype if that’s who they happen to be. (-Can’t think of a better way to phrase it, sorry!)
        Also, “it really doesn’t surprise me you are a man”…I’m sorry, but if we’re being really nitpicking, isn’t that sexist?
        I happen to have a desire to be submissive just like Lana or the character she has created, and many of her songs resonate with me.

      • Megan G

        See thats the sad thing, because I am, in fact a girl and I will admit that I do like a man in my life. It is strong of Lana to admit that as well and it doesn’t mean we, women need to limit ourselves or be slaves. We still have our goals and dignity. Wanting a man doesn’t signify weakness. It is you with your mainstream, average brain that thinks any women that want men are weak/sluts/whatever

      • someone

        Love this whole post.

      • mandy f

        “Someone admitting that they like to rely on a man, and that they like to be submissive to men in their relationship is just another feminist point of view.” Submissive in what way- letting him do the bulk of the word? Admitting “you want to rely on him” is no more empowering than someone saying they’d like to live in their parents’ basement off their income for the next ten years. Also, you say submissive in a sexual sense in a later post, which is different than the “meekly obedient or passive” definition of generally being passive.

      • italia

        I love your comment!

      • guest

        beautifully put

      • Exsugarbae

        I’m blogging about our latest folk devil naughy girls in pop. I believe people were so uncomftable with her video Ride because she shows an alturnitive to the 9-5 or depending on a hubby with 2,4 kids. There are too few teens around for us to panic about so we;’re picking on girls who dare to express themselves, what ever happened to feminism? I thiught it was about women being free to be themselves? As for the tall tales, she’s a walking novel and personally I think it’s a juicy one.

    • Tony

      i dont understand what is your problem america…. in europe is rare to find someone who say “i dont like lana del rey” and now america come and say “i hate her because she is pretty and her music is not about black n yellow” is just stupid…
      and your post is a beautiful piece of shit too you write “lolita victim of rape” i already read the book and it was conceptual, but it is not a surprise to me someone that work on a site called “the gloss” only could be or very stupid or a bitch…

      • lot

        You need to read the book again as it was not fucking consensual, the fact you think that is very worrying!

      • Noni

        Take it from someone who is more familiar with the work of Nabokov. First, we never hear from Dolores Haze’s perspective. Secondly, many times in the book Humbert controls who she socialized with, what her cultural preoccupation would be, and even killed her mother. If she wanted to go out with her friends, she had to give him some sort of sexual service in return. Thirdly, in an interview about Humbert, this is what Nabokov had to say, “He (Humbert) is a hateful person, a vain and cruel wretch who only manages to appear touching.” He was actually disturbed that people put more credit to Humbert’s character as opposed to his writing style and use of irony and allusions. Finally, she was FUCKING TWELVE! Believe it or not, even back in the rapetastic 50′s, that was considered rape

      • http://www.facebook.com/caitlin.lewellen Caitlin Lewellen

        I don’t hate her cause she’s pretty. In fact, I love pretty people. They give me something to stare at. I hate her because she sounds like a washed out lounge singer live, and thinks her lyrics are like Shakespeare’s golden shits, and don’t get me started on what she did to Leonard Cohen. Also Hate does not equal jealousy, and wtf, “black and yellow”?

    • ed

      i loved all that pseudo intellectual look of your article, basically you’re an hipster. 80% of the things you said are senseless or stupid.

      about your interpretation of lolita….. was so dump that i laugh while reading it the reason why lolita is so present on her musics is because the young free and sexy look of lolita inspire her, lolita was not a “child rape victim” it was conceptual, actualy she kind of take on him ,lolita is the one who “gotta taste for mans who are older”.

      other stupid shit you say is she father is rich so shes a bitch, just because she father is rich that means she cant have her own money, that shows how stupid you are.

      youre interpretation of her musics is stupid too, born to die is about her alcool adiction not about a “bad man” carmen is about the bad side of the fame “lolita” is about lolita, “video games” is how love is a video game “without you” is about god the only song about “bad mens” is “blue jeans” youre just too retarded to can understand the meaning behind what can look like a pretty love song

      You seem like (a probably ugly) high school nobody who thinks they are highly intellegent and is getting revenge on the world that hated them by writing sarcastic “I’m better than everyone” toned articles. Go fuck yourself.

      with love from London

      • ed

        her father, sorry for the mistake

      • lot

        You need to understand what hipster means for a start, it is as always has been used since the 50′s to describe rich kids who like to dress up and play poor, Lana is a hipster. Lolita was raped in the Novel it was not consensual. It really pisses me off how many men seem to see the situation and a 12 year old girl who sexually taunted a vulnerable old man. Several times, Humbert begs the reader to understand that he is not proud of his rape of Lolita, but is filled with remorse and near the end of the novel, Humbert accuses himself of rape, Lolita has no voice in this tale of a paedophile, which you seem to have interpreted as consensual sex between an old man and a 12 year old! With a view point like yours you just come across like a potential paedophile or an idiot who can not understand what he is reading.

      • Liam Viljoen

        How on earth could you have misinterpreted “Video Games” so drastically is beyond me. Please refrain from posting another comment until you can form a proper argument defending Lana Del Rey or just grow up enough to realise that it doesn’t really matter. If anyone wants me I’ll be waiting for Ultraviolence in my room, I have a feeling it’ll be a long wait!

    • lot

      My feelings exactly, it’s amusing how all the males that respond to this in support of Lizzy Grant believe only ugly women could have this opinion because they are jealous. Still you got to give it to her she really has a lot of sexist men in awe of her sexist little act, what that actually does for her as a woman I’m not entirely sure.

    • lolita lost in the hood bwaaaa

      I haven’t had anything done at all

      • Mr. Me

        Who the fuck cares? I can name you plenty of people who have had plastic surgery done. For example, Blake Lively. :)

    • Iddie

      The feminist and political reasons are absurd, come on’. So what, now everyone has to go against the stereotyped heels, etc — just because of feminism. What if that’s what someone is drawn to, don’t they have a choice? Also, the imagery is similar to poetry…the Jack Kerouac kind. It’s vulgar but extremely visual and emotes something (it’s not mean to be taken literally — it’s metaphorical. It is unlike an editorial, just look at the Prada ads and you’ll see the Lolita. She is just mixing various aesthetics and references. Also, if you’re going to hate on someone for that, you might as well get on Nicki Minaj, because at least Lana is mixing mediums and is interesting.

    • Mr Me

      Everyone has their opinions on the real world views, such as you all, and guess what, people? The American Dream is where you have freedom of speech, where you can promote your music and style any way you want. She’s rich and famous, you’re not, what is there to hate? I love her music, I love her style. Maybe there’s another message being put out there by Lana Del Rey? Maybe how she WISHES America was back to the way it was before we weren’t as limited. This is MY opinion and she has HER own opinions, so will I get bashed and get a forum because I have my own personality? I’m sure there would be forums on who ever wrote this article about how they hate and how stupid your style is and how they wish you wouldn’t throw yourself out there. Yes, some things are in your face, but what musical artist DOESN’T have atleast one thing hat piss you off? Ignorance put aside, Lana Del Rey is talented, she has a good voice and she writes her own lyrics, not to mention she has wrote other peoples lyrics as well. I could sit here and rant all the good things that she has down that would tackle your bashing and hating, making it look like a complete ignorance contest. But, as Lana Del Rey was asked what she would say to the haters, “I would say nothing.” So maybe I should just turn the other cheek, “sand and paper tampon” haters.

      • someone

        “Maybe how she WISHES America was back to the way it was before we weren’t as limited” this is actually exactly it. Near the end of her Ride video, she says something to do the extent how she wishes America was how it used to be, and I completely agree. I can’t tell if her whole “gangsta” image is ironic or not but she clearly loves old Americana and Marilyn, Elvis, etc.

    • ana

      just to clarify, you wrote this article to explain your irrational hate for lana?

    • Misha Adams

      I like her music and she seems nice, but I do sense she’s a little fake…..

    • http://twitter.com/fayeparedes Faye

      Not irrational all.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=514275071 Dan MacDonald

      whatever. listen to her cover of Leonard Cohen’s CHelsea Hotel no. 2 – effin brilliant. her production is bang on, so is her imagery. people just love to bitch about the “dumb chick” – meanwhile – you’re completely looking past her talent. It’s undeniable.

    • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.alberts.75 Melissa Alberts

      Oh my word. After reading this, I want to be your new best friend!

    • Charlie

      So ironic, you are one more usual jealous person, who can’t do anything good just shit. SHAME YOURSELF.
      i’m gay and like her songs and i support feminism. And it’s not your business how smell her pussy. LOL

    • http://www.facebook.com/isakechaos Isake Stark

      Maybe she should try to not lie and then people would like her. Im not even talking about the name changes or plastic surgery who gives a fuck. Im talking about acting likes shes some poor soul who grew up in a trailer park, when her father is one of the biggest names in the domain name industry. Also she writes music like Brick from the movie Anchorman. Just naming shit in a room. You in a white shirt me wearing blue jeans, I love lamp.

      • AHAHAHA


    • guest

      This article gave me aids. It’s so inaccurate. I mean seriously that’s the same as saying I hate Justin Bieber cause he’s not part of the illuminati. wtf.

    • ak

      LOL! I love how you ended the article. I swear, if you dare to say you don’t care for something, people always say you’re jealous-I mean, have they never just not liked something simply because it wasn’t for them? Of course they have, but if it comes to someone else disliking something they like, then it’s jealousy all of a sudden. Or even dumber, ‘hater’s gonna hate!’ (btw, I don’t even get the point of that one, as I don’t think one person in the history of mankind has ever been told that & been like, ‘Gee, they sure told me!’. But anyway, to many people, she can do no wrong. But I totally agree with you-I think it’s just too much, the whole head to toe vintage with the grainy videos that attempt to look all ‘film noir’,& then worst of all pretending to have been poor-I mean, I really think had she just owned it, like you were saying, people would like her better. I don’t see why she couldn’t just be like, ‘yeah, my lips are fake & my dad was rich-big deal.’ Lying about it, & then targeting the indie scene-just doesn’t work. But as I said, to her fans, she can do no wrong, & they’ll spend hours having ridiculous discussions (a.k.a. contests on who can sound the most pretentious) on the symbolism and imagery and the ‘cinematic genius’ of her videos that in reality are about as deep as a puddle. I mean, I have to wonder if maybe she just sits there & is like, ‘hey, let’s just shoot a video that makes no sense or uses the most cliche overdone symbolism possible, shoot it in grainy film, put random closeups of flowers opening & whatnot & listen to all the wannable artsy kids discuss how meaningful it is just to get a laugh’.

    • Tori

      Why don’t you guys just not listen to her music? It could be that easy. Why spend so much time and energy dissecting the ways in which you don’t care for her persona and/or music? Maybe she reflects the society of our own making, and that is what is so upsetting. As they say in the hood… Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    • Carolina21

      honestly im a huge Lana Del Rey fan and i get your point, im not gonna lie and say that she is the best singer out there, but hey at least she writes her own songs and the message that she gives about being all about money it is haha i mean i work so hard to get money so i can have a decent life, and every girl wants beauty, diamonds and to be forever young. im not saying that you gotta love her but she makes sense to me

    • sasha

      I hate Lana from all my heart

    • Jamal

      “The American Dream is a Myth”… What are you talking about??? What kind of crazy liberal website is this? I came to this country with literally $10 and made someone of myself. If you educate yourself, work hard, and don’t give up you will prosper.

    • Italia

      You guys should be hating on Rihanna. Lana in my opinion has crazy talent . Her voice is soothing to me. You don’t stop listening to music just because of the persons personal life. If you like the song you like it. There should be no disecting . I like her , she’s different.

    • Ana

      thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU. I have been saying all of this stuff the entire time LDR’s been around, but every time i speak about it i get a lot of hate for it. but your article shows me i’m not alone! i also think it’s unfair how her daddy paid for her whole career when she obviously doesn’t deserve it and there are far more better artists out there struggling to make it. thank you for this article.

    • powaqa quovmi

      waittttt! did no one realize she is a fucking RACIST? who wears a headdress and holds a gun to their head while drinking whiskey. didn’t that set off alarms in anyone elses head? dishonoring something sacred while making terrible music at the same time. i want to deflate her lips.

    • Fee

      The fact that you say Lolita is a book about “child rape” discredits your entire article. I can’t even imagine how someone who appreciates the book can ever come up with such a ridiculous conclusion. Nabokov is twisting in his grave every time his work is this misinterpreted. You sound like one of the people who just googled the plot overview. Your interpretation is as off as Lana’s, I dare say even worse.
      And just FYI, she is well aware it is a novel, seeing as she inserts subtle references and not well known quotations (not mentioned in the movie or by any other mainstream celebrity as far as I can tell) in many of her songs. Before you trash someone or something, do more extensive research on the subject.

    • Isabelle

      This article is so wrong, look up the lyrics to all her songs not just certain lines that jump out on a first listening. Listen to The Body Electric by her and then read Walt Whitman’s I Sing The Body Electric and you will begin to see how incredibly influenced by literature her music is. It’s very narrow minded to take a ‘this is how Lolita is presented in the novel, this is how everyone must then reference, interpret and represent it’ attitude. A lot of her references to Lolita in her songs are turning the child rape theme on it’s head like in the song Carmen where she is singing about a seventeen year old prostitute (or at least a sugar baby) who is forced into sleeping with older men by circumstance and then songs like Ride I guess you could say are a progression due to that just being a kind of life you’re used to.

      A lot of her music is holding up a mirror or telling a story. You referenced National Anthem in this article but ignored a lot of the lyrics. The first half of the song is about meeting someone rich and being introduced to that lifestyle and wanting to be driven to the Hamptons in a Bugatti (‘You said to be cool but I don’t know how yet’), but the second half is about having become accustomed to that lifestyle and how it changes a person (‘You said to be cool but I’m already coolest. I said to get real; don’t you know who you’re dealing with?’). It goes on

      ‘It’s a love story for the new age
      for the sixth page. We’re on a quick, sick rampage.
      Wining and dining, drinking and driving,

      excessive buying, overdosing, dying on our drugs and our love
      and our dreams and our age,
      blurring the lines between real and the fake.
      Dark and lonely, I need somebody to hold me.

      He will do very well, I can tell.’

      If you can’t see there’s a social commentary in that then you shouldn’t be writing articles for anything other than your diary! You even complain that she impersonates Marilyn and Jackie O without doing anything interesting with it, but look at the music video! She plays Marilyn, singing Happy Birthday Mr President to the man she was having an affair with and then for the rest of the video plays the woman that that man was married to. Playing both mistress and wife in a video to a song with lyrics about the toxicity of money and status is something I would say is pretty interesting!

      It just gets my back up reading pieces like this because it is so en vogue to hate Lana Del Rey, and so many people just spew out this rubbish about her being vapid and fake and her songs not meaning anything without actually stopping to consider them.

      If you’re going to write an article about there being no meaning or anything intelligent or of note in an artist’s work then at least do your research and be sure as hell you’re not just regurgitating the same populist bull that is a hot opinion of the moment!

      • lanadaartiste

        god bless you

      • anon

        I agree. Just a note–she once related said “Carmen” is about herself.

        And really, I can picture a Lolita-like situation; sure, she most definitely thrust herself into this type of lifestyle, but once you’re in it, you kind of get stuck.

        It’s a metaphor, people. She wanted wealth and got trapped with drugs and intoxicated by money. Born to Die (the album) is basically her telling her story.

      • OJID

        Thank you.

      • bre

        Thank you.

      • asamson

        Wow, ‘don’t eat that Elmer, it’s not chocolate!’

      • Kaari

        Agreed! There is a lot of depth to her music and Lana as an artist. She completely won me over with her ‘Ride’ video. Its so easy to call someone surface when that’s as deep as you’re able to see.

      • http://chicaperrycola.tumblr.com/ chicaperrycola

        No one can ever say it any better than this.

    • Lauren Evans

      ‘As a feminist’ blah, blah, blah, plastic surgery is ok ‘as a femenist’. ‘As a feminist’ I enjoy making fun of how people look. ‘As a feminist’ I can determine what is ok to criticise people about and what is not. What a joke, reading that article was like listening to dodgy talkback radio. Lana rules Mmmmk!

    • haha no

      of all the reasons you could have picked to hate someone, you chose the most ridiculous ones. way2go

    • αввяαccι❥

      Nothing in this article gave me a good enough reason to dislike Lana to be honest. They all sound like such annoying stupid reasons. It made me feel like the person writing is a perfectionist piece of shit who always has something to say about everything. I mean you can’t complain about her being self centered because let’s not get started on how many annoying artists are self centered all day but no one says anything. If you don’t personally know lana del rey I don’t really think it’s wise to simply write an article about inrelevant things that you can’t prove. As for her voice, yeah I love her voice . It all depends on your music taste if you don’t like her voice or what she sings about then move on with your life. How do you simply bash Lana and Maroon 5 in one post. Next thing you know you going to say lil Wayne and Drake sound amazing when they both sound like they all tired . About the whole trailer thing it seems like the people that dislike Lana is the ones who research about her the most, there’s a difference between ignorant and expressing your opinion , being ignorant is swearing that she never lived in a trailer park and knowing her so well to say she had plastic surgery. If she did or not you haven’t truly met her or known her to see anything. Photos are like useless people can easily mess with them. Another thing expressing your option that would be simply go by saying “I don’t like her” that’s it . To me this article was such a waste because at the end of the day. She’s still rich as fuck.

    • Clyde.

      well who cares she’s beautiful and rich, I bets she gives like 0 fucks, we all have different opinions about music and other people, won’t hate.

    • Palladium

      This article is a joke. We foreigners cannot understand the propensity of the Americans to selfdestroy themselves. A gem in a sea of darkness comes along after years and years of a scene dominated by psychopaths, and suddenly we have an article looking into her finances, or whatever fits the investigators/journalist agenda. What a joke. Talk about connections and fame, let’s just look and scratch the surface of Hollywood and the music industry, where nepotism runs wild along with powerful trust backings. God Bless her Father for supporting her, but that would piss off the feminists. Why Lana, why didn’t you have a powerful mother ? Or better why didn’t your parents break up and why did you recover from alcohol abuse why ?

    • Lacey

      Wow, well I like Lana Del Rey and I respect anyone opinion otherwise, but unless you can provide evidence and not just online rumours and speculation, you shouldn’t really use those things against her. And so what if she’s rich? I thought the way to make it was to take the best opportunity you can. Just because hers was a very good advantage doesn’t make it any different from anyone else. She’s got a good voice, stories to tell, and she wanted to tell the world, so that’s what she did.

    • guest

      who cares if you hate lana del rey? does it make any of our lives better if you do or don’t? fact is she’s making it big and probably wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if you liked her or not. who are you again? not everything has to be a political message. tearing a woman down because she elects to embrace her femininity is just as anti-feminist as you make her out to be.

    • who cares

      feminism is stupid, they say they give women a choice but only if it seems to side with her views. she’ll sing whatever the fuck she wants to and it wont appeal to everyone nor will anyone understand them which is fine. I think you people are jealous of her, yes she is beautiful and even if she had or has not had surgery who cares. If you could afford it you know you would get your nose, cheeks etc fixed. No matter how much you hate her she wont stop being famous and she will forever have fans who love her. I have met Lana del Rey in Los Angeles outside the chateau marmot and wow, she is an angel. She is extremely nice and agreed to take a picture with me in a heartbeat. she does what she likes, sings. so dont post this feminism bull crap.

    • me, a person

      Ok, this is over a year old, but I would just like to state among my many disagreements with this assessment that to call someone’s lips “dick-sucking” because they’re big is… lookist/racist. I don’t care how they got to be that way, lots of people are born with lips a lot bigger, it’s no indication of their sexual preferences/way they relate to anyone else at all. Eugh.

      • me, a person

        Oh and also misogynist. If the first thing you think when you look at a person with lips you think are big or puffy or unusual in some way is “blow job”, you aren’t a feminist, sorry.

    • Janielle

      If you guys hate her so much, don’t think about, write about or do anything to do with her. Get on with your lives. I don’t have time to waste on you people, so since you hate her so much don’t bother.

      Many, many people love her and just because we don’t like your mainstream crap music like Taylor Swift screeching about how she knew some guy was trouble doesn’t mean you get to pick on Lana. Get a life and get a proper job :)

    • jec87.

      an entire book written on hate for this woman by another woman= jealousy. Ashley, your the one not sleeping at night plotting hate and envy for a very talented successful woman hence the reason she is successful. Lana is not worried about you nor does she even think of you and this hate book your writing is not gonna stop her success, you need to worry about yourself, you are scum. I wonder how much time you wasted in writing this just cause you have her, smh

    • nope


    • holly

      i don’t think you are jealous, you are perfectly entitled to your opinion however i just do not think you fully understand the music or maybe you interpret it the wrong way, i don’t know just a thought.

    • Nick Nack

      Bitches bitching at bitches for being bitches. Who gives a shit what you think about this artist. So what if she thinks diamonds, lipstick, and American glamor are fucking rad, many think they are and screw you for trying to take her down for her look. Honestly, the reason statement that begin with “Well, from a feminist prospective” don’t get seriously is because people use them as shields to be caddy, jealous, and judgmental bitches all warped up in a PC facade. She goes at the jugular with what she wants to make people feel in her lyrics, often times its depicting a character she is choosing to be in a song. In National Anthem, the whole point was sticking it to the bloodthirsty, greedy, and uber-wealthy Kennedy family… she was making a character up from their reality. Feminism doesn’t get taken seriously because you just want to hate, degrade, and well… be cunts.

    • jamiepeckgo fuckyourself

      Hater bitch lana wouldn’t even whipe her ass with u

    • Isobel

      i just think that Lana Del Rey can do whatever the f*ck she wants, and it’s actually un-feminist of you to be judging her for it. She’s clearly in love with a variety of diffeterent “feels” “steretoypes” “ideal” “lives” “dreams” (whatever you want to call them). She portrays these emotions through her songs. She has a specific style and content matter and she sticks to it. As with the plastic surgery thing, maybe she didn’t want to tell anybody about it at first because she was embarrassed – who know? Some of the main things I like about her is 1. I like the sound of her music. I find her songs pleasing to the ear and I like her voice. 2. I think the content is intriguing and I like seeing the world from her perspective. 3. I do find her beautiful, I find her lyrics beautiful, and I find her music videos beautiful. This article talks about a lot of the negatives, and not the positives. I thinks it’s a little judgmental of a woman who likes to sing and write about concepts that are already frequently talked about in the entirety of pop culture.

    • Liam Viljoen

      As much as I love Lana you do make one or two valid points here, one thing that does piss me off though , people label her an antifeminist but despise her simply because she’s clearly had surgery, who’s business is it besides her own? If she wants to deny it let her do so, she doesn’t have to be one of those devout feminists that dedicate their lives to their own independence and act as though they’re completely secure with their body. The fact that she had the surgery shows she’s aware she’s not perfect and sees the industry for what it is, a game of “I’m hot you’re not” but she doesn’t let this envelope her career and writes on a number of subjects, mainly love. Your complaint that she mis interprets Lolita is a very single minded comment, art means different things for different people. She’s not trying to make the story of child molestation glamorous, “Lolita” is simply a nickname for a young, sexually promiscuous little girl, so in a way, she’s showing how society itself has glamorised child molestation. I’m extremely disturbed by how much time people devot to hating On Lana. That being said, like I said earlier art is art and can be interpreted any way you choose, maybe you like Lana’s music maybe you don’t it’s your opinion. You can go on hating Lana if you want, here’s a tip though: if you don’t like her music, find a singer you are a fan of and just write about them instead of working yourself up hating Others, you’ll be a lot happier trust me.

    • Liam Viljoen

      Some other things I forgot to bring up in my last comment:

      Why do people always bring up her father? He may be rich but he was not at all involved in her career, she was spotted at a song writing competition and was signed on to a record label, later she bought herself out of the contract ( maybe using her fathers money, who gives ?) and then was signed on again after her hit sing video games went viral. You say she never writes anything truthful but just listen to her song This Is What Makes Us Girls, it’s all about how she was the girl with the rich father and how she got sent away because of an alcohol dependency problem. She’s worked very hard to earn the success she’s gotten, it wasn’t just her father buying her record born to die you know, she’s got fans all over the world, even if her father had platformed her to success no one but haters would care cause she makes great music and writes it herself. She wasn’t manufactured, she created the stage name Lana Del Rey herself, her record wanted to sell her as lizzy grant. She makes decisions for herself and sometimes people, such as you, disagree with them, isn’t that pretty much what feminism is about?
      Another thing, you seem to think you’re the only Lana Del Rey hater out there, when honestly over the few short years she’s been in the industry she’s begin given more hate than Lady GaGa , Katy Perry and hitler combined.

    • Momoftwoyoungins

      Amazing dissertation on LDR! Hit the hammer on allllll the nails. You have articulated what I think of LDR better than I can think it (make sense?) Halelujah…I’m actually giddy right now. Must copy and paste and send this article to all my friends.

    • Eat me

      Pretty sure del Rey’s been raped by that entrepreneur father you bang on about sweetie, so cut her some slack eh?!

    • Kay

      This isn’t irrational. Anyone with a ear for music or a mind to question what’s popular understands why we hate her haha!

    • Bldkksnsns

      I actually like some of her music. Mostly the melodies and instrumentals. The lyrics are okay, but all the “daddy” stuff has always made me cringe. The Pepsi thing is awful too. Some people could actually benefit from clean versions of her songs: I’ve crossed lyrics out of the booklets that fill me w/ secondhand embarrassment. She can hold a tune well, but sometimes I wish she would sing some parts of her songs that deserve to be song with soul with, well, passion. I also noticed how she doesn’t have any angry songs and I just conclude that none of the stories her lyrics tell are true. I always thought her to be unrelatable and inaccessible in terms of her music and public persona, because it’s another Lady Gaga story where someone who is new and different throws everyone off until everyone realizes how human she is. Pretend to be important and everyone thinks you are important. “Pretend to be cool and everyone thinks your cool.” Same psychology. But even Lady Gaga is into it — she’s running around with seashells in her hair, long wigs, well defined eyebrows and a pout. It’s weird when you see female artists who were wearing halloween costumes and acting like freakshows suddenly running and catering their style to what is cool. It’s like an unnatural and weird transition, like overnight for some artists. I tend to favor musicians who are confessional, but I know what it’s like to be a little too inspired by stories and movies mixed w/ your own delusion. I know as a writer myself that it can be hard to stop making shit up and listen to your heart and write what you feel and have felt and have been through and are going through. I like her music, but it’s also kind of junk-y to me. I also notice how the lyrics in a lot of her songs seem have really half-assed, forcefully included lyrics that I CAN’T BELIEVE CRITICS DON’T BELIEVE SHE WROTE. It probably makes her head so big to think that her lyrics are “so good” people don’t believe she writes them. I sure as hell do. Video Games alone is beautiful with the exception of some cheesy, cliched lyrics. For a long time I wondered what kind of mystical human being wrote such a perfect song until I heard about the Greek thing. Still, confessional writing from her would probably be amazing if she would try it.

    • Exsugarbae

      Lana is a total fantasy and who the knows who she is. Watching a Lana movie is like watching her daydreams when she has a nasty case of flu. That’s it, Lana is a story she made up herself and she entertains us with it.

    • Zico Cozier

      I am a huge fan of lana but upon reading this i must admit that you are correct. I have also had these thoughts about her music sometimes when listening. The truth about my liking for her though is that her voice and depressing tones mesmerise me. Even the cheesy lyrics speak to me in a weird way. It’s like porn, it turns on some type of pleasure receptor for me. it doesn’t have to task my brain too much

      • Rain Zen

        What a horrible comparison you just made. You are a “huge fan” of Lana and in the same time you approve this prejudice fest written by a jealous cunt?! You compare her work with porn?! Don’t open your filthy mouth again!

      • Nate Morey

        chill out, the thing about comparing it to porn is not a bad thing, they explained they get some sort of pleasure from it, that was just the best example they could give. it is mesmerizing, audio sex, i think that is there way of putting it. aka really fucking good and causes you to feel things. and they didnt approve this, simply agreed with some things.

    • Rain Zen

      This’s why a I despise most women. The jealousy towards another women makes them mad, irrational. The lips, the sexy voice, that’s the real problem here. Pathetic beings

    • blah

      You’d have to be moronic to think that her music is anything but ironic. It is clearly a commentary on how sad and pathetic the glamorization of things like prostitution and the “american” dream are.
      Seriously “money is the reason we exist, everybody knows it, it’s a fact kiss kiss.” how can you “not be sure” that isn’t pocking fun at shallow people? She basically spells it out for us!

      Anyone who looks at a video like RIDE and think that it is actually ENCOURAGING people to live that way rather than showing how sad it is, must be missing a large portion of their brain. There is nothing glamorous about having sex with multiple overweight middle aged bikers.

      We live in a society that glamorizes disfunction. Lana Del Rey is making fun of it.

    • Me rican


    • pseudo

      I don’t hate her, I just dislike her music because it’s too depressing most of the time. She is not the only culprit but I am also sick of love songs, Taylor swift is bad for that too. As far as female singers go, I like chrvches lead and London Grammar’s lead singer. Haim are pretty good too

    • Jenny

      I don’t listen to her and it is actually quite easy. IDK if they play her on the radio or what, but I don’t watch videos either of her and artists alike. I have seen one. To me, it is all propaganda as all art is but has no meaning that makes me feel I can relate. No explanation needed. Very rational. She rubs me the wrong way, Katy Perry and Maroon 5 (after first album) too.

    • Abby CD

      Honestly, she is just trying to make money and she knows that by getting people pumped about living the “American Dream” and getting women/girls hella pumped about being smoking hot that she’ll make hella dough. People should stop hating on celebrities that are just trying to make the money and get famous – it’s what they’re all doing, even Tori Amos and Lorde, who everyone thinks are so un-mainstream and original and cool. Which is true, but they’re in the same game as Lana.

    • Jordan

      Oh wow! I hate how people have to knit pick and criticize every little thing about a person. I LOVE Lana Del Rey and her unique classic missive with a modern hip hop flair. That’s her twist on the Marilyn Monroe type. Secondly why is it that when a girl doesn’t jump on the feminist band wagon and says she’s more old school she’s looked down upon. Sounds pretty sexist on your part. Not to mention critisizing her so called “conservatism.” I’m a conservative and I don’t even think she is. So you must be one of those all inclusive, exsepting of who you are liberals… Oh wait that only counts if we agree with you. Hypocrites!!! And as for her patriotism and use of classic Americana and the American dream, I think it’s freakin awesome! And I totally believe in the American dream. Why else would so many people flee their countries just to have the opportunity to live here. Is called the pursuit of happiness not guaranteed happiness. She has every right to be as patriotic as she feels. You’re the one who believes in the hoax that the American dream is dead. You must suck on the government tit. You’re such a hater, but that’s ok cuz I guess I’m hating on you right now lol but I feel like if I could talk to you I could maybe change your mind on a lot of this. Maybe not your personal music taste but the political stuff. Anyways I don’t want to leave this on a bad note so I just want you to know I don’t hate you and can respect your person take on lana del Rey’s music. But I love america please don’t disrespect her.

    • Anaka

      First of all, she had a difficult past and does know a thing or two about violent relationships and trauma and the way she writes about them is therapy in itself. She has in no way said that rape or relationship abuse is okay, but she knows what it is like to feel trapped in a relationship and writes about this in a way that may be considered dark and glamorizing to things that really aren’t glamorous. Second, she has a deep love and fascination for the writer of Lolita, Walt Whitman, Marilyn, Jackie Kennedy, Etc. These people had difficult lives and she is channeling this and expressing this through writing. In national anthem, it is a tribute to JFK and Jackie O and the supposed affair between Marilyn and JFK. She writes about how tantalizing loving JFK was and includes historical references from a letter written about JFK from Jackie. She does have a vision of the American dream that is not completely correct, but it used to be. She loves vintage things and the time of the roaring 20s and so yes, back then money was the anthem of success. That is all.

    • jaden

      you realise these are not her actual issues just pretending to be from people who have grown up with them. Lana was naturally very ugly and rich and had time and money to think about and make happen what wanted. She wanted to be the pretty girl from nothing with all the hang ups of only thinking your a sexual thing. talking it off face value and beliving it as if it was fucked up is silly . These are real issue many women have from their life experience lana is making a mockery of it. That’s what should be being spoken of . how any human could be so perveretd. It’s like a man changing his entire face and life story and living as something completly else when you had every advantage under the sun and these bpeople are serious tragic cases. noone feels she is. if you are to write about that seems really are barking up the wrong tree.
      People should stop ugly idiots like nicki minaj and lana del rey who pres an image of suposed beauty’ when even after theyr milions of surgeries look like ugly men who actually parade around as if theyre ho shit. when they actual pretty girls in russia are choping ther hair to seel it for nothing to make wigs weaves extensions for these multi milionair feales to dance around in. when lana came from such wealth already. Thats what is truly sickening.

    • bloop

      she also (seemingly) pretends to be scuicidal because she thinks it’s cool. frances bean called her out on it.

    • Ikaros Willow

      Lolita is not only a work of literature, but it is also a word.

      -a sexually precocious young girl.- Lolita
      That is the exact definition.

      What you said Lolita is NOT
      Lana Del Rey has never said or done anything to indicate that she knows Lolita is a text about child rape, and not some “sexy”, “glamorous” advertisement for being “young” and “hot” and American.

      The two definitions are pretty similar. Lana isn’t using the word incorectly. Many other female artists use Lolita in the same way like Katy Pery in the song dressin up

    • Tori

      She is definitely over-rated. My friend is irrationally obsessed with her and I honestly don’t know why. Her music lacks depth, she can’t sing, and to be quite frank, she’s so unattractive. I don’t think her being an antifeminist is a relative argument; she doesn’t really make an effort to do it, because she lacks the depth and the commitment to portray herself that way. She’s just another bubble-brained, narcissistic, and extremely over-rated “indie” artist who writes about things that only 15 year olds worry about. I despise her efforts in writing and singing songs over topics that are shallow and transparent. She is just an awful influence on American society, especially on young girls. Get over yourself and grow up, please. You’re only going to make kids want to become alcoholics and screw up their potentials.

    • OJID

      I haven’t even read all this article, if you can call it that, but I’m gonna stop
      you right here; I think you are completely ignorant for believing that every
      female singer must have a hands-on approach towards feminism; every person is
      different, there is no law stating that all women singers must tackle male
      chauvinism, in my opinion her songs look back on these things with a certain
      nostalgia rather than ingénue, girlish crush, it doesn’t make her

      Anyway you shouldn’t be judging her based on how little she
      behaves or sings like other vocalists, or even how she does not meet your rather
      narrow-minded ideals of how a female singer should act like, but rather her own
      vocal abilities, of which there are many. Lana Del Ray knows exactly what she
      is doing, she has created a persona which perfectly matches the themes and messages
      she wishes to send to us. If you feel she is lacking something in her singing
      then perhaps you should get off your arse and write your own songs. Also Lolita, if YOU bothered to read it, is
      not about child rape—the girl is very willing to have sex with the protagonist
      and actually manipulates him many times—it is about a man fighting with his
      infatuation and his guilt, a man who honestly believe what he did was because
      of love, ergo not a crime; maybe you need to go and read the text again Jamie.

    • OJID

      Just because Lana Del Rey got a record label with Interscope doesn’t mean she’s any less of an indie or a singer; isn’t the whole point of being an Indie that it isn’t about the money but your heart; she is a good singer and she was offered a deal that would help her continue to live her dream, she had, she has, all the right in the world to do this, she doesn’t need to become some vagabond living in her parent’s basement to be accepted as a ‘True Indie’ singer.

    • OJID

      This is a woman who just wants to sing, she doesn’t want fame and she doesn’t need you guys hating her because she doesn’t meet you expectations of what a Real Singer should be; The Public doesn’t own her and they cannot decide what she should do or how she should behave, you wouldn’t do that to somebody at work or in your family so why should it be different for a celebrity?

    • Ryan

      I’m sorry but the writer seems to think they are extremely knowledgable and fair in their comments about Lana del rey but really they come off as arrogant and rude. The writer is pathetic honestly writing 2 page long articles about someone who will never even know their name is sad and pitiful. Jamie Peck might want to reconsider her job choices as the one she currently has makes her look beyond childish. Maybe she should write about things that actually matter instead of trying to somehow malign Lana or prove that Lana is less of a person than her. In the end all that really matters is how you treated other people and it seems to me that Jamie isn’t going to be remembered too well, for her treatment of others or her writing.

    • Alec MugLeesh

      The comments feed on this post is an interesting depiction of the superego and ‘moral conscience’ of liberal middle class America. It’s a humour-free zone, obviously. But as a white, heterosexual, middle class male, I can only breath a sigh of relief that (ostensibly feminist) women still find a reason to hate other successful women. You’ll never win, we’ll always be in control, hahahaha.

    • Lana del rey is queen

      Oh shut up and get a life she’s queen

    • Jen Frankel

      Amen. NONE of what you feel is ir(rant)ional!

    • Hard6

      I quit reading at “There are inherent problems with femininity.” Yep, that’s the old feminist saw, isn’t it?. Femnists want to do away with femininity entirely, creating some kind of “new gender” that’s no gender at all. And they are genuinely bamboozled when most of America rejects that and still buys Lana Del Rey albums. Hint: some of us like femininity, in all its varied (and problematic-according to you) forms.

    • LOL

      Haters gonna hate

    • Nicky R.

      This has to be the DUMBEST thing I have read in a long time. Lana Del Rey’s songs are full of social commentary. National Anthem is a great example of her taking that classic American ideal and turning it on it’s head. I think she’s witty, and her songs are smart social commentaries on the so called “American Dream”.

      You’ve totally and completely missed the point.

    • http://chicaperrycola.tumblr.com/ chicaperrycola

      OK, um, shut up.
      There is nothing wrong with Lana singing about girly things and the American Dream. It doesn’t mean she’s all anti-feminism!

      And have YOU read Lolita? Vladimir Nabokov’s way of writing is so genius that i convinces its reader that such wrongness is not actually wrong. There is a hidden message that I see: If there is consent, it should not be wrong. If it is real love, it should not be wrong – just like same sex relationships should not be wrong. Love is love! Lana’s “Daddy” idea shows this and I love it. Call me crazy, call me an idiot but I believe it should not be wrong if there is consent.

      Also, what’s wrong with “Lolita got lost in the hood”?

      Oh, Lana’s family was having troubles before her father became an entrepreneur. She really does know what it was like to be poor. And she was sent to boarding school when she was fourteen and then went straight to university.


      But if you don’t get Lana’s music, that’s fine, but you just don’t know what real music is. And if you’re being serious about not knowing what a bridge is, then you’re so dumb, no wonder why you don’t like Lana!

      The lips aren’t fake. I have some photos of her recently with thinner lips, IT’S A THING CALLED MAKEUP! You don’t understand girlish things so you obviously wouldn’t understand. I have the thinnest lips a girl could possibly had and my mere mother was able to make them look even thicker than Lana’s for this thing I dressed up for.

      What baby talk? OK, you seriously must have hearing problems because there’s nothing wrong with her voice. And so what if she says “wit’” instead of “with” and she doesn’t always.

      One more thing, if you’re going to publish an article, MAKE SURE IT IS FREE OF GRAMMATICAL ERRORS! I’m only fourteen, yet I have picked up a few.
      I wish I could spend my whole day writing about why this article rubs me the wrong way but I think that’s good for now, plus I have better things to do.