Do You Have Frenemies?

It’s hard to know exactly when the idea of frenemies became a norm in pop culture. Was it with the premiere of “Laguna Beach,” which then morphed into “The Hills”? Or was it well before then, like centuries ago, when Pilgrim women would thwart one another by swapping each others’ starch out for flour? (That happened.)

Either way, it’s part of our cultural lexicon now, and in a new video from Funny or Die, it’s immortalized as two ladies duke it out under a veneer of kindness at a Pilates class.

I will say that the only maneuver I really recognize here is in the beginning, when the women pretend to be super stoked to see each other. I will cop to having done that. I pretend to be happy to see people that I’m not really happy to see. There. I said it. But sometimes, like in a group exercise environment, there’s really nothing else you can do! If you’re going to be on a reformer next to a person you know, you have to make nice.

Anyway, this video ends with the girls calling each other cunts, which we’ve probably all wanted to do at some point. But do you have frenemies? If so, share in the comments.

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    • Cee

      My friend became my frenemy when I took her and a couple of my friends to my final fitting of my wedding dress and as I stepped out (theyd never seen it) she stepped out wearing one of her own and started to whine about how she’ll never wear one “for reals.”

    • Godboltsmith

      What does it mean for the Frenemies?

    • topf

      I used to have a frenemy. It was a silly high school thing. I had good grades at school while all other kids didnt care. School was important to me. Then there was this girl I was more or less friends with, who wanted to be a popular girl WITH really good grades. She kept wanting to compete with me. But I never went to school to compete with anyone. I just wanted to mind my own business. This girl insisted on us having to compete and that placed us in a weird status of having to be polite to each other (because we used to be friends) while actually not being able to stand the situation we were in (specially because she was really passive aggressive despite her superficial politeness); she hated it because she never managed to match my grades and I hated it because I didnt go to school to be used as a challenge. A few years after school was over, I decided to do what any other grown-up would do and I cut all contact because I dont like spending time on people I am not really fond of.

      Until recently: I seem to have a new frenemy. We used to be really good friends until I got a boyfriend. She keeps making really weird comments about me that make me feel as if she didnt know me AT ALL. She has called me childish or has told me that I should watch out for my bf not to cheat on me (out of nowhere!) while also saying I should watch out because I am (or so she thinks) the type to stay with cheating partners. I have been keeping my distance but I havent really cut contact or broken up with that friend, so I guess I am back to not being as mature as I thought.

    • RaeRae

      I had a good friend I had kept in contact since we were 13 years old. She got married to a much older guy and recently had a child. Ever since then she’s been on this awfully high horse because I’m still single and no children. She’s always giving me (what I like to call) fuzzy-prickly comments on my partying ways and how nothing else matters to her, but being a wife and mom.
      I guess what they say is true… People change so you can let go. Still hurts though.

    • Ronnie G. Robinson the Third

      My opinion, one needs a credit card, debt and utility payments to have good frenemies, but that’s me.